Chinese Car Brands

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China have long been known for copying recognized European and Japanese brands, which they themselves considered a sign of respect for the largest car companies. Over time, they developed their own style, and today’s models, which some call copies, are far from the definition of the word.

Brilliance Auto

Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 2002
Founder: Yang Rong
Headquarters: Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China
Parent: Liaoning Provincial Government’s SASAC

They are technological partners of BMW, and although they have tried to enter the European market without much success, they already sell cars in South America. It stands out as one of the 10 best-selling manufacturers in China.

Chery Automobile Co.

Chery Logo

Founded: March 18, 1997
Founder: Wuhu, China
Headquarters: Wuhu, Anhui, China

Chery, despite having little more than 15 years of life, has been ranked among the ten most important companies in China at the state level. Creators of the infamous Chery QQ, the copy of the Daewoo Matiz, they are the largest exporter of Chinese cars abroad and hold half the shares in Qoros, which also has a promising future. They became number 1 in their local market in 2012 and have a strategic alliance with Jaguar-Land Rover. They already sell cars on this continent, in countries like Chile and Uruguay.

BYD Auto Company

BYD Logo

Founded: 2003
Founder: Wang Chuanfu
Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
Parent organization: BYD Company

BYD was founded in 2003 and, since then, has focused its efforts on the manufacture of hybrid and electric vehicles, being one of the pioneers in doing so worldwide. Probably, the fact that it comes as a brand from one of the main leaders in battery sales has been very useful to achieve this. Without a doubt, its most interesting models are the F3, which combines a gasoline engine with an electric one powered by a sophisticated battery system, and the E6, which works exclusively with electricity. Both have already reached Europe, although there are still few units traded within the borders of the EU.

First Automotive Works

Chinese Car Brands

Founded: July 15, 1953
Headquarters: Changchun, China

The origins of First Automobile Works date back to 1953, making it the oldest in the entire country. State-owned, it has up to 10 subsidiaries within the national market, although it has achieved success thanks to its collaborations with General Motors, Mazda, Audi, Volkswagen and Toyota. For example, the Volkswagen Bora is one of the most important models that have been influenced by it. Their cars are characterized by smooth, modern lines and good quality components. They sell over 2 million units a year worldwide, which puts them even above the Japanese and European brands in the ranking.

GAC Motors

Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 1955
Headquarters: Guangzhou, China
Parent organization: Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group
Divisions: Trumpchi

If you think you’ve heard of this Chinese car brand, you’re probably right as they appeared in Detroit and announced that they plan to manufacture and sell a range of vehicles in the United States, which would make them pioneers since no Chinese brand has dared to infiltrate so far to the United States. In addition, they have developed a special electrical concept for the US market.

Great Wall Motors

Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 1984
Founder: Giovanni Agnelli
Headquarters: Baoding, China
Parent organization: Baoding Innovation Great Wall Asset Management Company Limited

Their focus is on SUVs and pickups, and they already have a plant on the European continent. According to reports, there are already brand officials wanting to open a plant in Mexico. If this happens, they will try to attack the North American region and then export from here to South America.

Qoros Auto Co.

Chinese Car Brands

Founded: December 2007
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Parent organization: Baoneng Group

Qoros is one of the best-known car brands in all of Europe. Founded less than 10 years ago in Shanghai, it is the result of collaboration between Chery and Israel’s Kenon Holdings. Their portfolio includes 5 products: the Qoros 3 sedan and hatchback, the Qoros 3 City SUV, the Qoros 3 Estate and the Qoros 5. Its establishment in the Old Continent was helped by its economical, reliable and aesthetically attractive line of SUVs. The one that enjoyed the greatest acceptance in the market was the Qoros 3 City, one of the most interesting Chinese cars so far.

SAIC Motor Corporation

Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 1955
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Parent organization: Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group) Corp

It was founded in 1955 and produced 3.65 million units in 2011 – more than any Chinese manufacturer. It owns the iconic UK brand MG, so it has facilities in the UK, and also owns Roewe, one of the few premium car brands in China. The company has alliances with Volkswagen and General Motors.


Chinese Car Brands

Founded: November 2004
Headquarters: China
Owner: Jiangling Holdings

Range Rover is one of the most elite brands when it comes to SUVs. In this sense, Chinese brands have always been characterized by trying to copy, as far as possible, the designs and features of the large European and North American manufacturers. This is the case of Landwind, a firm that has risen to stardom thanks to the X7, a model practically identical to the Range Rover Evoque. Its features are excellent, as is its aesthetics, which is extremely similar. It is an inexpensive and quality alternative for the tightest pockets.


Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 6 November 1986
Founder: Li Shufu
Headquarters: Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Owner: Li Shufu

Geely has the big advantage of having the same owners as Volvo, which promises to make it easier for them to enter the European market. Its first experience in the Old Continent was the production of TX4 taxis, approved for London.


Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 2009
Founder: Kenneth Yen
Headquarters: Miaoli County, Taiwan
Parent organization: Yulon

This is a firm that was founded in 2009 and, although currently focused exclusively on the Asian continent, is planning to expand into Europe. Although it is not 100% Chinese as its headquarters are in Taiwan, the truth is that they assemble their models and manufacture parts in Hangzhou. Its sedans are striking in their aesthetics, highlighting the quality of the entire finish.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation

Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 1969
Headquarters: Wuhan, China
Parent organization: State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission

The company develops, manufactures and distributes automobiles. It is headquartered in Wuhan, Hubei, China, and was founded in 1969. In addition to buses, commercial and passenger vehicles this Chinese car brand also markets its products across worldwide.


Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 1958
Headquarters: Changchun, Jilin, China
Parent: FAW Car Company
Parent company: FAW Car

Under the Hongqi brand (“Red flag”) FAW has produced limousines for the ruling elite of the PRC, but later it was decided to turn Hongqi into a massive premium brand for the wealthy Chinese public.


Logo Lifan

Founded: 1992
Founder: Yin Mingshan
Headquarters: Chongqing, China

The corporation “LIFAN Industrial group” was founded in 1992 and specializes in the development and production of cars, engines, motorcycle equipment, commercial vehicles. The corporation has been in the list of 500 leading enterprises of the PRC for 10 years in a row and is among the 100 largest enterprises in China according to the Forbes magazine rating.


Chinese Car Brands

Founded: August 28, 1996
Headquarters: Shayang Rd., Changping, Beijing, China
Parent organization: BAIC Group

The Foton Company was founded in China in 1966. The company is considered to be state-owned. It’s listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Foton mainly produces commercial cars. It is currently a subsidiary of the BAIC Motors Group.

JAC Motors

Chinese Car Brands

Founded: May 20, 1964
Headquarters: Hefei, China
Owner Volkswagen Group (50%), Government of Anhui (50%)

The joint-stock company Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd was formed in 1964. The cars of this company became the first to be shipped for export. Both JAC low tonnage trucks and spare parts for them are manufactured in the company’s plants. Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd, has its technology research center with four institutes.


Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Liuzhou, Guangxi, China
Parent companies: General Motors, SAIC Motor

Baojun is a Chinese car brand that was established in 2010. It specializes in compact mini-cars and SUVs. It is currently a subsidiary of SAIC Motors, and its cars are sold under the Wuling brand.


Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 1953
Headquarters: Chaoyang, Beijing, China
Parent organization: BAIC Group

Beijing Automobile Works (BAW) is a Beijing-based car manufacturer, and a subsidiary of BAIC Motors Group. It produces light vehicles, trucks and vehicles for the military.


Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 1950
Headquarters: Harbin, China
Parent organization: Changan Automobile

Hafei Motor Co., Ltd. is a Chinese automotive manufacturer based in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. It was founded in 1950 and specializes in small cars, mini-cars, and mini-vans. It currently belongs to the Changan Motors Group.


Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 1993
Headquarters: Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Divisions: JMC Yusheng
Subsidiaries: JMC Heavy Duty Vehicle

Jiangling Motors Corporation (shortened to JMC or Jiangling) was established in 1952 in Nanchang, as a truck repair shop. A new twist came in 1993 when it joined forces with Isuzu and Itochu to make truck components. Soon after, its shares were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

BAIC Motors

Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 1988
Headquarters: Beijing, China
Owner: Beijing Municipal Government

It is headquartered in Beijing, China, and was founded in 1958. The BAIC Group has the company of several automobiles and machine manufacturers. It mainly specializes in the production of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and new energy vehicles. In addition, this Chinese automaker is engaged in the development of automotive parts, automotive services trade, integrated travel services, finance and investments.

Changan Motors

Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 1862
Headquarters: Chongqing, China
Subsidiaries: Changan UK R&D Centre Ltd.
Owner: China South Industries Group

It is headquartered in Chongqing, China, and was founded in 1862 as an arms manufacturing company. In 1957 the company built its first car. Changan Motors is one of the top four Chinese automobile companies. Its main activity is the production of microvans, commercial vans, passenger cars and light trucks.


Chinese Car Brands

Founded: January 1992
Headquarters: Haikou, China
Parent: FAW Group
Parent organizations: FAW Group, Haima Stock Company
Subsidiaries: Haima Automobile Co., Ltd., Hainan FAW Haima Automobile Sales Co. Ltd.

This is one of the fastest growing automotive enterprises, which is controlled by the concern “FAW Group”. The history of the company dates back to 1988 – initially the company was called “Hainan Motor” and was engaged in the production of old car models.


Chinese Car Brands

Founded: 1991, Rongcheng, Shandong
Headquarters: Beijing, China
Parent organization: Hawtai Motors Company Limited
Owner: Zhāng Xiùgēn

The history of the company begins in 2000. The first “steps” of this automaker were made together with “Hyundai Motors” (whose technologies are used by it to this day).

Other manufacturers:

  • Everus: Subsidiary of Honda and Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Group).Chinese Car Brands
  • Soueast: Subsidiary of Mitsubishi in Mainland China.Chinese Car Brands
  • Changfeng: Brand belonging to Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Group).Chinese Car Brands
  • Forta: Brand belonging to Fujian New Forta Automobile.
  • Fuda: Brand belonging to Fujian New Forta Automobile.
  • Zotye: Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Zhejiang, China.Chinese Car Brands
  • Yuejin: Brand owned by SAIC Motors.Chinese Car Brands
  • Roewe: Brand owned by SAIC Motors.Chinese Car Brands
  • Wuling: Brand owned by SAIC Motors.
  • Xinkai: Founded in 1984 and based in Gaobeidian, China.Chinese Car Brands
  • Huali: Brand belonging to the FAW Group.
  • Liebao: Trademark of the Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Group).Chinese Car Brands
  • Zhong Tai: Zotye’s subsidiary electric car brand.
  • Jinbei: Brand belonging to Brilliance.Chinese Car Brands
  • Huasong: Brand belonging to Brilliance.Chinese Car Brands
  • Zhonghua: Brand belonging to Brilliance.Chinese Car Brands
  • Youngman: Chinese manufacturer based in Jinhua, Zhejiang, China. Founded in 2001.Chinese Car Brands
  • ZX Auto: Chinese brand founded in 1999, based in Baoding, Hebei, China.Chinese Car Brands
  • Jiangnan: Brand belonging to Zotye.Chinese Car Brands
  • Changhe: Car factory belonging to Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation.Chinese Car Brands
  • Wuhan: Brand belonging to Dongfeng Motor Corporation.
  • Jonway: Automobile factory, belonging to the Jonway Group, based in Taizhou, China.Chinese Car Brands
  • Haval: Brand belonging to Great Wall Motors.

Haval Logo

  • Venucia: Brand owned by Dongfeng Motor Company.Chinese Car Brands
  • Maxus: Brand owned by SAIC Motors.Chinese Car Brands