Haval is one of the newer names in the world car industry. They are a Chinese brand that appeared in 2013 (2002, as a crossover range under GWM) and is trying their hardest to earn some fame. They aren’t too unsuccessful, you can buy their car – most likely a crossover or a SUV – in many countries (mostly in the East, however).

Meaning and History

Haval Logo history

‘Haval’ is a variation of the phrase ‘I have all’, which signifies a fairly richer interior and comfort capabilities of the Haval cars than you usually expect from the Chinese cars. The brand exists independently (as a standalone manufacturer) since 2013, but the brand itself is more than 10 years older.

2013 – 2023

Haval Logo 2013

When the brand went independent (relatively independent – it’s still a subsidiary of the GWM conglomerate), they needed a logo. The bosses came up with a design – it wasn’t the brightest option, but they adopted it nonetheless.

The logo depicted a red rectangle with the name of the brand inside in metallic capital letters. The letters are noticeably tilted to the right and don’t really like constant shape – they twist and whirl in different places.

That’s pretty much about it, save for one last detail – the entire image is heavily darkened at the bottom. All modern brands used to have some shade on their logos until very recently.

2023 – Today

Haval Logo

In 2023 the company decided to renew its visual identity according to the latest branding trends. The uppercase lettering was rewritten in flat gray lines against a plain white background with no gradients and gloss. The new typeface is an extra-bold geometric sans-serif, with minimalistic shapes of the characters and removed horizontal bars of the “A”s. The new style and color palette of the Haval logo represent a very confident company with a progressive and fundamental approach.

Emblem and Symbol

Haval Emblem

They don’t really have a symbol as such. When they need to put something on their cars to give them more identity, they just put their rectangle logo at the front. However, the background isn’t always colored red. Depending on the design of the car model, the rectangle may be blue, black or red, as usual.