BYD (Build Your Dreams) is a Chinese car manufacturer, one of the largest in general, and the largest when it comes to electric vehicles – only Tesla is bigger in the world.

Meaning and History

BYD Logo history

The name BYD stands for the slogan “build your dream.” Throughout its history, the logo has undergone only one major transformation.

2003 – 2005

BYD Logo 2003

The first company logo was in the shape of an ellipse with a thin black rim around it. Inside it was another ellipse, horizontally divided into two parts. The top was painted in blue color and the bottom in white. The company acronym in white color was placed under the smaller ellipse.

2005 – 2022

BYD Logo 2005

A new version of the logo appeared in 2005 and also consisted of an ellipse, but in red color with a thick rim around it. Inside it was the abbreviation of the company, also in red color.

2022 – Today

BYD Logo

As often happens, the designers are tasked to create a modern emblem while preserving the familiar brand image. This logo shows that it can be successfully achieved. First of all, they worked with the font. Although the new font still had wide letters, slits in each letter, and a unique way of writing the “Y”, there were no more diagonally cut corners. Instead, the letters featured smooth curves and thinner strokes that were more pleasing to the eye. The bright red was muted a bit. The new darker color actually gives the company a more professional and serious look.

Emblem and Symbol

BYD Emblem

A feature of the first emblem was the use of blue color in combination with black and white, which symbolized the carelessness of the company, its unity and dedication. Later, the company undertook major changes and announced its pioneering and leadership, using the emblem in exclusively red color.