A Complete Overview of the Blue Heart Emoji Meaning

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Smiles are an essential part of the modern Internet. Users share these little icons while spending time in messengers or publishing blog posts. They do it to say more about what they feel or tell the audience something that cannot be told in words. Additionally, many Internet users understand the emojis their way and use them accordingly.

Heart images are among the most commonly used smiles on the Web given that this image is frequently related to strong emotions. Today, people use it differently, which depends on the platform where they post it, and what topics they discuss. This guide is focused on a certain shade of heart icon – blue, and its connotations.

What Does the Heart Signify, Generally?

Blue Heart Emoji Meaning

Hears, disregarding their coloring, can reflect love, admiration, passion, respect, affective feeling toward other people, openness, security, and other feelings. Blue has a specific significance that was forged throughout the years. And it differs from one party to another.

What is the Business Meaning of the Blue Heart Icon?

Business Meaning of the Blue Heart Icon

Company officials, marketers, corporate copywriters, and influencers regularly use this smile in their messages, CTAs, and marketing posts to make a responsible and reliable tone. It has much to do with the feelings that the color evokes-according to numerous pieces of research, the customers trust the companies that use blue colors in their visuals.

How Else Can The Blue Heart Emoji Be Used?

Blue Heart Emoji

The blue heart emojis can be featured in the pieces of text regarding blue-colored things. In this case, the post is accompanied by a photo of whatever the author likes and values. Additionally, users often send such images when talking about ocean creatures.

How do Autists Consider Blue Heart Emojis?

Autists Consider Blue Heart Emojis

This type of icon is often utilized to mark World Autism Awareness Day, happening on April 2nd. According to various studies, autistic people prefer blue and dark blue over other hues, so it’s wise to share this image during this day.

What is the Definition of the Blue Heart Icon for Professional Medical Specialists?

Blue Heart Icon for Professional Medical Specialists

These icons have a specific meaning for doctors, medics, nurses, and other staff in the field of medicine, both civil and military. Because blue stands for reliability and safety, most medical institutions use this color in their graphic identity. It is an international sign of health, so it’s perfect to utilize it in combination with blue. Moreover, the British National Health Service uses it in official messages.

What Do The Homosexual People Mean by Using This Image?

Blue Heart Icon for Homosexual People

Historically, blue is associated with men of untraditional orientation. So, gays often use such images to show affection to each other in social media or blog posts.


The tendency is that blue hearts signify passion, reliability, respect, and other strong feelings, but the particular definition of the blue-colored heart may vary from person to person, from one organization to another. Corporates frequently use it to feature the trustworthiness of their brands or products, while autistic people use their day.