Honda is among the 3 top car manufacturers in Japan, alongside Mazda and Toyota. They create great cars, but they also shine in the scientific area. They invest a lot into technology and science – for instance, the famous ASIMO robot is with us thanks to them.

Meaning and History

Honda Logo history

However, if you look at their logo, you can’t really see the technology. It’s a standard text that was created some time after the company launched, and it remained the same for the past 70 years. Regardless, they compensate this lack with the other symbols of their design.

1961 – 1969

Honda Logo 1961

Even though the company started business in 1948, they only came up with the logo years after the first day. Their design was the red company name, written in a fairly usual font, all letters were capital.

What font is the Honda logo?

It’s Honda’s custom logotype. It’s a bold and thick serif with linear notches all around it. It is noticeably squashed from the top, making it look stretched out. It was never really changed, except for one minor decision in 2000.

1969 – 1981

Honda Logo 1969

Initially the logo was represented only by the letter “H” in the frame. The letter was placed in the frame. It was a letter written in thick serif with linear notches all around it.

1981 – 2000

Honda Logo 1981

The Honda logo at that time was a black frame with the letter “H” inside. The brand name written in bold black font with capital letters “HONDA” was under the frame with the letter.

2000 – 2024

Honda Logo 2000

In general, the logo did not change much. Only the image of the letter “H” in the frame became larger. And the name “HONDA” under the letter in the frame, on the contrary, decreased.

2024 – Today

Honda Logo

The image is a simple yet iconic logo representing a popular automotive brand. The logo consists of a bold, uppercase “H” with distinct attributes; it is a sans-serif character with substantial width and a slightly narrower gap between the vertical bars, giving it a strong and stable appearance. The “H” stands tall and centered, its thickness conveys a sense of reliability and solidity, a reflection of the brand’s reputation for durable and dependable vehicles.

Crafted in a monochromatic scheme, the logo’s black color on a white background enhances its visibility and ensures instant recognition. The stark contrast speaks to the clarity and straightforwardness the brand aims to associate with its identity. The “H” is styled with serifs only at the top, adding a touch of elegance and modernity, which suggests a blend of tradition and innovation, a testament to the brand’s commitment to evolving while maintaining its foundational values.

This emblem is not just a letter but a symbol of automotive excellence and technological advancement. It is designed to stand out in a sea of competitors, conveying the essence of the brand through its simplicity and the power of its design. The company’s ethos of sophistication, efficiency, and forward-thinking engineering is encapsulated in this single, powerful character.

Symbol and Emblem

Honda Emblem

Different car manufacturers come up with the unique badges for their cars. In case with Honda, this symbol has even more meaning.

What is the Honda symbol?

The Honda’s specific automobile subsidiary has its own iconic badge they put in the front of the cars, as well as on their direct property.

The colors and the composition differ, but since the 1981 it’s always been an H-symbol, encircled in a sort of rounded rectangle. This symbol is noticeably thin, and the upper lines are much longer than the lower ones.

The usual colors are either silver with nothing between the symbol and the frame, or silver with the deep red in-between. They also have different logos for their other subsidiaries, most notably the motorcycle emblem.

Honda motorcycle emblem

The Honda’s primary motorcycle manufacturer is called HMSI. As other daughter companies, their official logo is pretty much just a Honda logo with some details. Here, the additional detail is the red wing on top of the company name.

The Legends

If you’re looking for the Honda car, look no further than Honda Civic. This 10-generation model has been constantly the 70s, but the secret stays the same. They are compact hatchbacks with 4-cilinder engines and utmost quality. They are comfortable, lasting and define what Honda product really is.

There are also cars like Accord or their famed City, but Civic is really the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Honda’.