Changan is one of the “Big Four” car manufacturers in China. The company was founded in 1862 as a small machine-building factory. At the moment, in addition to its own production, Changan has a joint production with a number of international car brands such as Mazda, Ford, Suzuki, PSA.

Meaning and History

Changan Logo history

The logo of the company is quite simple and easily recognizable.

1957 – 1998

Changan Logo 1957

The first logo of the company consisted of a red ellipse from which a figure resembling the head of a rocket rushed upwards. On the right side of the symbol was the company name in black capital letters.

1998 – 2010

Changan Logo 1998

At that time, the Changan logo was a combination of one large ellipse and two arcs arranged vertically perpendicular to the ellipse. Arcs and ellipses were depicted as metallic. The arcs seemed to pass through it. The brand name was under that intricate pattern. It was written in blue letters by a designer font. All letters were uppercase.

2010 – 2013

Changan Logo 2010

The logo showcases a fusion of modern aesthetics with a nod to traditional emblem design. It features an inner circular area with a large metallic letter “V” at the center, suggesting a sense of velocity or victory. Surrounding the “V” is a circular band with a complex, lattice-like pattern, adding a layer of intricacy and sophistication to the design. The outermost part of the logo is a rounded square frame, which gives the emblem a solid and sturdy appearance. The Chinese characters beneath the emblem add an element of cultural identity, indicating that the company likely has its roots in China. The characters are bold and straightforward, providing a contrast to the emblem’s complexity.

2013 – 2016

Changan Logo 2013

The logo simplifies the design while retaining the core elements, indicative of a brand’s maturation and confidence. The “V” remains central but is now more streamlined, with a sharper look that emphasizes precision and futuristic appeal. The intricate lattice pattern is replaced with a subtler, finer mesh design, which keeps the emblem from appearing overly busy. This time, the emblem is encompassed by a sleeker outer ring, and the square frame has been replaced by an oval shape, softening the overall appearance. The brand’s name, “CHANGAN,” is displayed below in a clear, sans-serif font, reinforcing its global appeal with English lettering that conveys accessibility and modernity.

2016 – 2019

Changan Logo 2016

In 2010, the logo became three-dimensional and was in the shape of a square with rounded corners. Inside it was another blue square with a silvery “V” inside. Under the symbol was the name of the company in blue color.

2019 – 2020

Changan Logo 2019

In the logo, there’s a marked shift towards minimalism and modernity. The emblem focuses solely on the letter “V,” which now adopts an even more streamlined design that communicates speed and efficiency. The surrounding details are stripped away, leaving the “V” to stand boldly against a plain background. This suggests a brand that has evolved into a more refined entity, focused on core values and looking to project an image of clarity and focus. The omission of additional textures or patterns signifies a trend towards digital-friendly branding, with the blue color embodying a tech-forward, trustworthy image. The brand’s name is absent, indicating a move towards a more iconographic approach, where the symbol alone is enough to represent the company’s identity.

2020 – present

Changan Logo

The modern logo is much simplified. It consists of two squares with rounded corners, inside which is a stylized letter “V”. On the right side is the company name in Chinese and English.

Emblem and Symbol

Changan Emblem

The blue color of the emblem is an expression of the company’s conceptual development, the application of new modern technologies and attempts to offer consumers stylish and innovative products. The V-shaped dynamic symbol has been specially designed to express the firmness and stability of the company.