Truly, the beloved hard seltzer brand, a standout in the thriving beverage category, is crafted by the renowned American company, Boston Beer. Truly has captured hearts with its remarkable attributes: a mere 100 calories, five grams of sugar, a 5% alcohol content, and an explosion of intense fruity flavors.

Meaning and History

Truly stands tall as a dominant player in the American hard seltzer landscape. Founded in 2016 under the esteemed Boston Beer umbrella, Truly continues to secure top-tier positions in sales. Boston Beer Company, with its roots tracing back to 1984 and the iconic Samuel Adams Boston Lager, now ranks as the fourth-largest brewery in the United States. In the dynamic US seltzer market, Truly and White Claw jointly command an impressive 75% share.

Truly Hard Seltzer embodies alcoholic carbonated water infused with natural fruit essence, elegantly presented in enticing packaging. Notably, Truly Hard Seltzer and its counterparts remain free from vodka or other spirits. The alcohol content is derived from fermented cane sugar, using beer-making techniques, flavorings, and carbonation.

Within the Truly brand, there are different ranges catering to a variety of tastes. Lemonade combines hard seltzer with sweet lemonade, while iced tea combines alcoholic seltzer with the refreshing notes of iced tea. Truly also offers a line of Punch Hard Seltzer flavors, providing a diverse and enjoyable choice for consumers.

The Truly brand opts for a minimalistic visual approach, a fitting choice given the product’s vibrant and colorful packaging. This simplicity in the official logo design ensures stability and impeccable readability, aligning seamlessly with Truly’s mission to deliver refreshing simplicity and flavor in every sip.

What is Truly?
Truly is a seltzer produced by Boston Beer. Available in cans and bottles, this low-calorie drink consists of sugar, 5% alcohol and one of the flavors in the collection including lemonade, fruit, iced tea and others.

2016 – today

Truly Logo

The brand’s logotype predominantly features a black inscription on a white background. The text is arranged in two distinct sections, with the upper part reading “TRULY” and the lower section reading “HARD SELTZER”.

The letters in the text are bold and black, invoking a strong contrast. Additionally, there is a horizontally oriented squarish bracket underscoring the lettering. The overall image exudes a clean and minimalist aesthetic, commonly associated with modern graphic design and typography.


Truly Emblem

The name is rendered in a bold sans-serif typeface with capital letters. Notably, the first character ‘T’ has its upper tips extended to below. This simple yet striking font possibly aims at grabbing attention.


Truly Symbol

The brand uses the classic combination of black and white for the logo, which makes it perfect to be accompanied by bright imagery on the cans and bottles.