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These days, the term “Dodge Scat Pack” designates a series of vehicles that share a certain set of unique parts that set them apart from typical line models. The Scat Pack offers Dodge automobiles superior power and design in addition to other benefits such as comfort. It surely makes many enthusiasts excited about the special abilities, performance, and appearance of their iron horses.

Meaning and History

The Scat Pack, originally designed in 1968 for Dodge, was revived in 2014 as an available option for the Challenger, Charger, and Dart. This name originates from the “Rat Pack” and refers to former Dodge muscle vehicles. Its goal is to promote loyalty and a feeling of community. The word “scat” means “to go away quickly” or “to move fast.” Dodge created the Scat Pack to refer to a number of outstanding vehicles that could complete the quarter-mile in less than 15 seconds, an impressive achievement for any vehicle from the muscle car era.

What is Scatpack?
The Scat Pack name was first used to refer to a set of wild muscle vehicles in the 1960s and 1970s. It has subsequently been resurrected as a designation for trim and options packages for some of the Dodge automobiles. The Scat Pack made a comeback as an option for the 2014 Dodge Challenger and Charger after being stored away for years.

1968 – Today

Scatpack Logo

This emblem is very memorable and muscle car fans were not afraid to show it off on their automobiles as well as in other forms. It depicts a determined bee that is ready for anything that comes its way as it has a helmet to protect it and stylish goggles. Large black wheels with red accents that matched other red details completed the look and showed that the bee is not joking when it comes to the power and speed of its flight. This fun and impressive image gave birth to a whole club of fans, the Hive. The drawing is accompanied by the name, which is printed using a rounded typeface with no serifs and featuring italicized caps.

Font and Color

Scatpack Emblem

The black color gives the logo a powerful, elegant, and strong appearance. It exudes exclusivity and stands for the unique status of the Scat Pack automobile owners. The yellow is also a prominent color here. This energetic, youthful color symbolizes the boosted power of the automobile. It is interesting that yellow is considered the color of courage in Japan. One surely needs confidence and at least a little courage to drive the Scat Pack-charged vehicles. As if there was not enough powerful color, the designers added a splash of red. It is typically associated with courage, drive, energy, determination, action, confidence, and strength. All these qualities perfectly describe the features Scat Pack adds to the vehicle.

It seems that the strokes became smooth and rounded thanks to the air force at high speeds. The italicized characters enhance this impression. The font chosen here resembles Gunship Super-Italic, only with rounded ends, or Venus Rising Bold Italic, once again slightly adjusted.