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ASML is a multinational company from the Netherlands that develops and manufactures photolithography systems. The company was founded in 1986. It is the only one in the world today owning systems that are capable of emitting radiation with a wavelength of 13.5 nm. This range is called ultra-hard ultraviolet radiation. It is next to the level of X-ray radiation.

The narrower the light wave, the finer details it is able to draw on silicon wafers for future processors The smaller the details are, the smaller the size of the transistors is, the more they fit on one chip and the more productive and energy efficient the chips are. It is difficult to remember another such company that would be so important and at the same time so unknown to the general public.

What is the curious feature of the ASML?
ASML management says that the current shortage of chips is not a one—time wave, but the market’s entry to a qualitatively and quantitatively new level. This means that ASML will strengthen its naturally established monopoly in the coming decades. Technologies vital for progress will be concentrated in the hands of one company, which is capable of turning into a weapon of geopolitics

Meaning and History

ASML logo History

The company’s logo belongs to the development of an unknown author. There is no information anywhere about who or what agency is responsible for marketing the ASML company.

The logo is presented in the form of the company name ASML, of which only the letter“ S” has a special unusual design.

1984 – 2012

ASML Logo 1984

2012 – now

ASML logo

Font and Color 

The main color of the logo is dark blue. It symbolizes constancy and stubbornness, perseverance. Dark blue is also a symbol of high quality and is one of the most commonly used colors in branding.