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Bain & Company specializes in developing solutions and strategies and assisting with operational processes, mergers, acquisitions, and organizational structures. Bain is known as a company that encourages creativity and individuality. The main skill of a Bain & Company consultant is the ability to solve problems in any area of business. Many consultants go on to start their own businesses after working for the company for several years. The company not only knows about this but also supports them in this endeavor in every possible way.

Meaning and History

Founded in 1973 in the USA by former vice president of Boston Consulting Group Bill Bain and six other former partners, the company began to develop rapidly. Today, Bain & Company is one of the most prestigious consulting companies in the world. It has over 60 offices in close to 40 countries. So far, Bain’s clients have included over 4,400 large international companies in virtually every industry on every continent. It is notable that Bain & Company has been carbon neutral since 2011. The firm launched its sustainability and responsibility practice more than a decade ago. This focus has grown by more than 65% annually over the past five years, with its consulting teams delivering more than 950 sustainability projects during that period.

What is Bain & Company?
Bain & Co, along with BCG and McKinsey, is one of the three largest consulting companies in the world. Providing strategic consulting services, Bain specializes in finance, media, entertainment, and agriculture. It has become the first organization to achieve Platinum Claim status for carbon integrity, which is the highest level of carbon integrity claim.

1973 – Today

Bain & Company Logo

The logo consists of the name and a round symbol to the right. The use of all caps as well as bold strokes and plenty of space between the characters creates an image of a confident and solid company. The round symbol on the right is a compass pointing slightly to the right of vertical. It stands for the True North Philosophy of the company. A strong and energetic red is a perfect choice for a company that is passionate about what it is doing. It also shows its dominance in the market.

Font and Color

Bain & Company Emblem

The designers used a sans-serif font similar to Bambino Bold or Brooklyn Heritage Sans Bold font. The straight cuts combined with sharp pointed turns go well with the point on the compass. They also reflect the effective, innovative, and outcome-oriented strategies that the consultants create for the clients.

The logo features a candy shade of red, which gives it some uniqueness while preserving the qualities of the red color. It symbolizes passion, vigor, power, and strength. The red reflects the proactive approach of the consultants and the company’s leadership in the industry. It motivates people to take action and makes them feel confident.