Red Bull Logo

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Red Bull, the Austrian energy drink brand established in 1987, operates under the umbrella of Red Bull GmbH, founded in 1984. Its roots, however, delve even further back to 1982 when Dietrich Mateschitz, during a business venture in Thailand, encountered an exceptional energy beverage named “Krating Daeng.” In collaboration with inventor Chaleo Yoovidhya, they reimagined the formula to cater to European preferences.

Meaning and History

Red Bull Logo

The chronicle of the Red Bull logo unfolds in 1987 when Dietrich Mateschitz, the company’s owner, first savored the Thai energy drink “Krating Daeng,” which translates to “red bull.” This encounter spurred the immediate inception of both the novel product and its distinctive emblem. 1987-today

Since 1987, the blend of taurine, caffeine, and sugar has found its place within a can adorned in a captivating blue and white palette. This can serves as the vessel for an emblem that depicts two bulls poised for a horn-clashing confrontation, set against the backdrop of a radiant sun. This imagery, derived from the Krating Daeng labels, captures a profound sense of continuity.

Dietrich Mateschitz consciously elected to uphold the emblem’s iconography, meticulously preserving all design elements. This strategic choice perhaps stems from a desire to infuse the brand with an aura of foreign allure, conjuring an exotic essence that harkens directly to Thailand. This alignment seamlessly resonates with the historical fact that Red Bull’s visionary founder drew inspiration from the bedrock of the Thai energy drink concept.

The convergence of the dual red bulls toward the center serves as an embodiment of energy and strength. Against the backdrop of a prominent yellow circle, symbolic of the sun’s radiant disk, these juxtaposed creatures communicate a harmonious equilibrium, an opposition that seamlessly complements. This delicate balance is mirrored in the emblem’s meticulously symmetrical left and right sides.

What is Red Bull?
Red Bull emerges as a dynamic non-alcoholic beverage originating from Austria in 1987. Today, it has blossomed into the world’s most recognized energy drink brand, with its products gracing supermarket shelves globally. The company’s annual sales tally in billions of cans stands as a testament to its worldwide popularity.


Red Bull Emblem

The brand’s name commands immediate attention with its bold, rounded lettering. A bespoke sans-serif font was meticulously chosen, evoking echoes of typefaces such as Futura SH-Dem Bold, Futura TS XBold, Avant Garde Gothic, and Futura BQ Demi Bold. Subtle nuances emerge, particularly evident in the distinct styling of the “R” in “Red” and the “B” in “Bull.” The latter assumes a character reminiscent of a modified beta, adding an extra layer of visual distinctiveness.


Red Bull Symbol

The color palette draws inspiration from Krating Daeng, reflecting the vibrant hues synonymous with Thai culture. In alignment with the brand’s name, the bulls are presented in red. Soft yellow outlines envelop them, mirroring the sun’s radiance.