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Prizer is an American pharmaceutical corporation with manufacturing facilities spread globally, With more than 170 years of experience, they have been producing vaccines and medicine used to treat various diseases and improve the immune system.

Meaning and History

Pfizer Logo history

Pfizer traces its roots back to 1849 when it was established in the United States. Over the years, Pfizer has become a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, offering medicines and vaccines across the globe. The company has consistently ranked among the strongest and most influential entities on the international stage.

What is Pfizer?
Pfizer stands as one of the world’s preeminent pharmaceutical companies, with its origins dating back to its establishment in the United States in 1849. In the present day, Pfizer’s medicines and vaccines are accessible across the globe, contributing significantly to the advancement of healthcare worldwide.

1849 – 1948

Pfizer Logo 1849

In its early years, Chas Pfizer & Co, the precursor to Pfizer, adopted a logo featuring a monochrome circle with a double outline. The main wordmark, rendered in white capital letters, encircled the perimeter. A wide horizontal black banner traversed the white middle section of the badge. The banner bore a white monogram in a custom font, exuding an aura of expertise, elegance, and professionalism.

1948 – 1950

Pfizer Logo 1948

The first ellipsoid logo for Pfizer was introduced in 1948, departing from the traditional blue color scheme. Instead, it featured a light-brown Pfizer logotype against a serene yellow, horizontally elongated globe adorned with white meridians. This emblem, which marked the inception of the iconic logo, remained with the company for nearly seventy years.

1950 – 1990

Pfizer Logo 1950

Following the company’s name change in 1940, the iconic oval badge was introduced. The logo showcased white serif lettering with distinct curves in the “F” and “Z,” set against a horizontally stretched black oval. This minimalist yet powerful design endured for half a century.

1990 – 2009

Pfizer Logo 1990

A 1990 redesign introduced a new color palette to Pfizer’s visual identity, with the logo largely used in monochrome, particularly for official documents. The main color shifted to a serene blue shade, providing a fresher and lighter look.

The white lettering received a contemporary sans-serif typeface. The central element of the logo became the letter “F,” with its vertical bar curving at the top and extending at the bottom, stretching to the end of the blue oval and evoking a sense of movement and growth.

2009 – 2021

Pfizer Logo 2009

In 2009, Pfizer simplified and streamlined the contours of its lettering, while the concept of the letter “F” remained intact. The color palette lightened, and the blue oval gained gradient shades, adding dynamism to the logo. Notably, the blue oval was slightly tilted, signifying the company’s ability to evolve and progress while honoring its heritage.

2021 – today

Pfizer Logo

The 2021 redesign, which followed the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, bolstered Pfizer’s visual identity with greater confidence and professionalism. The logo retained the blue and white color palette, with a brighter blue and two distinct shades. The lettering was separated from the light blue oval and placed on a white background to the right of a new element – the Pfizer emblem.

The emblem consists of two bold ribbon-like lines in varying shades of blue, mirroring the iconic Pfizer oval. While the lettering saw minor typographical changes with thinner and sharper bars, the overall style and concept remained recognizable and in line with previous iterations, cementing Pfizer’s enduring visual identity.


Pfizer Symbol

The Pfizer wordmark is rendered in a distinctive custom typeface, characterized by sans-serif lowercase characters. This unique font combines bolder and thinner lines, creating a visual balance that is both professional and modern. One of the most striking and distinctive aspects of the wordmark is the way the letter “f” intersects with the ellipse shape within which the wordmark is enclosed.


Pfizer Emblem

Pfizer’s color code is both simple and impactful. The primary color, known as Pfizer Blue, is a custom-made shade created in collaboration with Pantone, Inc.