Optum operates as a healthcare and innovation arm of the larger UnitedHealth Group, with its operations spanning OptumHealth, OptumInsight, and OptumRx. The first one provides diverse health management and care services, while Insight focuses on leveraging data and analytics to enhance healthcare systems. Rx manages pharmaceutical benefits and medication access. Together, these divisions work to improve healthcare delivery, efficiency, and patient outcomes.

Meaning and History

Optum Logo history

Established in 2011, Optum unified several health service entities under UnitedHealth Group, evolving through strategic growth and acquisitions. The company has continually broadened its healthcare offerings to include a variety of services and technological solutions, positioning itself as a versatile and comprehensive healthcare provider. Optum’s expansion has been marked by an increased presence in direct healthcare services and a continued emphasis on innovative healthcare solutions.

Optum’s recent strategic moves involve expanding direct patient care and forging partnerships to promote innovation in healthcare. The company is committed to enhancing healthcare delivery by integrating cutting-edge technology, extensive data analytics, and deep healthcare expertise. With a focus on creating better health outcomes and streamlined care experiences, Optum continues to play a pivotal role in transforming the healthcare landscape through its wide-ranging and adaptive services.

What is Optum?
Optum is a healthcare provider which is part of UnitedHealth. In particular, they offer services for analyzing medical data and population health information, an option, relevant for companies, or help individuals and families select medicines, provide consulting services, or process data on diseases and general conditions.

2011 – 2021

Optum Logo 2011

In the initial logo from the period of 2011 to 2021, a dynamic, three-dimensional icon captures the eye. It consists of numerous adjacent triangles, each shaded in gradients of gray, yellow, and orange. These triangles are arranged to form a wavy, square-like frame, exuding a sense of innovation and multifaceted service. Adjacent to this icon, ‘OPTUM’ stands in bold, uppercase letters, set in a modern, sans-serif typeface. Stark black lettering offers a vivid contrast to the icon’s vibrancy, anchoring the logo with solidity.

2021 – today

Optum Logo

The following logotype opts for increased simplicity. ‘OPTUM’ now commands the space alone, maintaining its uppercase presentation but adopting a font with rounded edges that convey friendliness and modernity. An orange hue replaces the previous black, drawing from the palette of the former icon, thereby weaving a visual thread that connects the new to the old. This strategic redesign signifies a brand embracing agility and straightforwardness, resonating with contemporary branding trends that favor digital-friendly, versatile identities.


Optum Symbol

Optum’s brand identity showcases a vibrant and dynamic color palette. Earlier iterations feature warm tones that transition from a deep sunset orange to a softer lemon yellow, applied to a geometric icon with a gradient effect that adds depth and suggests movement.

The brand name stands out in gray, ensuring the logo’s boldness and legibility. In the newer logo, the vibrant orange replaces the solid black, a hue carefully picked from the previous icon’s palette, infusing the logo with warmth and renewed energy, all the while maintaining a visual link to its heritage.


Optum Emblem

The script plays an important role in conveying the brand’s message. A sans-serif typeface with clean lines and a uniform thickness has been chosen for the name caption, presented in uppercase. Transitioning to the newer logo, the typeface undergoes a subtle transformation, maintaining its sans-serif roots while adopting a more rounded character design, indicating a friendly and user-centric direction.