Michelob Ultra Logo

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Michelob Ultra is a beer that is very low in carbohydrates. The ingredients of Michelob Ultra are carefully selected and include some of the purest strains of cultured yeast, hand-harvested grain, premium barley malt, and fully imported hops to create this beer. Michelob Ultra was launched at the height of the Atkins diet and low-carb craze, and its advertising always used fitness themes – runners, cyclists, six-pack abs, and all that. Originally, though, it went to market with a different target: baby boomers. The brand and its slogan – “Lose carbohydrates. Not the taste.” – was supposed to appeal to the elderly people on the Atkins diet. The young sports audience that Michelob Ultra has today was simply fate.

Meaning and History

Michelob Ultra Logo history

Michelob Ultra is a relative newcomer to Anheuser-Busch’s lineup of light lagers. Founded in 2002, it now accounts for 10 percent of Anheuser-Busch’s US business. The fast and furious success can be attributed to its strongest point: selling to calorie-counting sports conservatives. Currently, there are four Michelob Ultra recipes in the brand family. The original Michelob Ultra “Superior Light Beer” was released in 2002. Thanks to its keto-friendly reputation and strategic focus on active lifestyle drinkers, Michelob Ultra has become Anheuser-Busch’s second best-selling brand in less than two decades. The name of the beer “Michelob” comes from the small village of the same name near the town of Zhatets, where the beer was originally brewed back in 1896.

What is Michelob Ultra?
The most successful of the “healthy” beers, Michelob Ultra is a pale golden yellow light lager with a low alcohol content. It is brewed in Missouri and is widely used in various cocktails. This alcoholic beverage is chosen by individuals who care about their health.

2002 – 2020

Michelob Ultra Logo 2002

Using two distinct fonts, the name is divided in half. The top line is done using a sophisticated cursive font with extravagant curves. It is a hint at the luxurious taste of the drink. The bottom line features bold strokes with bracketed slab serifs that give the brand a more serious, strong appearance. The inscription is accompanied by a vertical ribbon of two red shades that create an illusion of volume. It is another bold and powerful detail in this logo. At the same time, it looks quite luxurious.

2020 – Today

Michelob Ultra Logo

Only loyal fans of the brand probably noticed the difference in the logos. However, there were a few modifications that transformed a familiar logotype into a modern and stylish emblem. First of all, the “Michelob” portion of the name is printed using a smaller font and features slightly more reserved curves. The second line was also changed, as designers removed the white highlights and changed serifs to more delicate flare serifs. The red ribbon was not forgotten and here it looks flat and slightly longer than in the previous version.

Font and Color

Michelob Ultra Emblem

Fargo Bold Italic, Ramble Brave Script Italic, or a similar font has been chosen to print the first half of the name. The word “Ultra” is printed in a typeface that creates a notable variation and looks similar to TT Commons Pro Expanded DemiBold or Organetto Regular. These are two very different fonts that not only create an attractive contrast but also reflect the different strengths and advantages of the brand.

So far, the company used only dark blue and red in its logo. Both colors have strong and powerful properties and create a sophisticated and modern brand image. They also reflect the stability and passion of the brand to offer the best beer.