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The clients can benefit from expertise in cybersecurity, digital transformation, customer experience, operations, strategic sourcing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate transformation, as well as analytics and AI. In fact, the company was recently included on a list of reputable providers of digital transformation consulting services for the utilities, high-tech & software, and healthcare sectors. It proved that the tagline “Don’t Do Digital. Be Digital.” is not just words.

Meaning and History

The company was founded at the beginning of the new century, in 2002. It was a perfect time to help businesses navigate the changing landscape and have a thriving future. Being former consultants, Susan Steller, Dean Fischer, Matt Rager, and Kevin McCarty knew how to achieve visible results. Although the company has not yet gone international, it already has around ten locations across the country and over 2,000 specialists. The company is fully employee-owned, which further drives their motivation to do their best. Its name appearance is quite interesting as all four founders previously worked on West Monroe Street at the Arthur Andersen firm. Thus, their roots are reflected in the name.

What is West Monroe?
West Monroe is a multinational consulting firm that originated in the USA. It offers professional consulting services to companies in close to ten different industries. Its belief that the client’s success is the company’s success proves to be very effective in achieving great results.

2002 – Today

West Monroe Logo

The designers used a good strategy to add uniqueness to the logo. The two parts of the name were separated by color as well as case. The first word was done in a bright fire shade of yellow and features only lowercase characters. The second word is done in all caps and uses a contrasting navy blue. It is also possible to come across a one-color version, as well as a version where dark blue serves as a background and white replaces the blue in the logo. This allows to preserve the brand image without distorting it and is approved by the brand. The logo also has a round graphic element that is formed from eight blue squares and one yellow square. They are positioned to resemble a clock and remind everyone that time is precious.

Font and Color

West Monroe Emblem

The logo is distinguished by a clean and simple sans-serif font choice. Similar fonts include Sultan Ruqah Wind Longo font, Avenir Black font, as well as Runda Bold font. It makes the logo easy to read and gives it a modern and at the same time timeless appearance.

The font choice allowed to play with color and go bold. The fire shade of yellow injects energy and is also associated with enlightenment and intellect. It shows that the clients will have a fresh start with West Monroe. There is also a deep navy blue that adds a touch of professionalism and trustworthiness. This color is also linked to power and authority, as well as strength, stability, and depth.