Valorant, formerly codenamed “Project A”, is a high-stakes competitive game that focuses on the players’ resourcefulness and skill. The tasks are deadly and filled with intense moments. In the game, two teams of 5 players fight in matches up to 13 wins. In Valorant, players can take on the role of agents from around the world, endowed with supernatural abilities, always ready for battle, and representing different cultures and regions of the real world.

Meaning and History

The work on the game concept and its development began in 2014. The first idea for the game is said to have come from Joe Ziegler (now the game director of Valorant). This tactical shooter was released on June 2, 2020, in absolutely all regions of the planet Earth. Some took part in the CBT, which began in 2018. The release coincided with the crisis situation in the world when the vast majority were forced to stay at home. Therefore, the release of Valorant attracted even more attention than you might think. According to official data, around 3.5 million players enter the game every day, however, part of the audience was eliminated and the current numbers are around 2 million. Since then, the developers have managed to make a lot of changes to the game. After the first world championships were held and the release of Arcane, interest in games from Riot Games increased markedly.

What is Valorant?
Valorant is a multiplayer shooter from the creators of League of Legends. The main difference between Valorant and CS is the unique agent characters, each of which has unique skills and abilities. Valorant offers very fierce shooting scenes in an ever-changing environment. The match takes 30-40 minutes, and each round lasts 2-3 minutes, with the first 30 seconds given to purchase weapons, armor, equipment, and abilities of agents.

2020 – Today

Valorant Logo

The name of the game is printed using a unique font that excellently combines diagonal strokes and cuts with straight. Some of the characters are adjusted to be closely aligned, which can hint at the teamwork in the game. The inscription is accompanied by a large, abstract “V” initial at the top.  If one goes deeper, the two diagonal lines, which are positioned one against the other, can symbolize the two opposing teams. The varying length of these lines creates an impression of a perspective, while their sharp, thick appearance hints at the nature of adventures awaiting the players.

Font and Color

Valorant Emblem

The company used a custom font. A similar font was designed by Bryan T. It is a sans-serif, angular, techno typeface that features a combination of straight and diagonal strokes and cuts to create a unique, bold inscription. Although black is a common, formal choice for many logos, in this case, it also hints at the supernatural powers of the players and the dark, brutal fights that are an integral part of this game.