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Elden Ring, a third-person action-adventure RPG, marks a collaborative venture between the creators of the Dark Souls series and the acclaimed author of “Game of Thrones,” delving into the realms of dark fantasy. Within a world teetering on the brink of death, the narrative centers on warriors devoid of blessings striving to resurrect it from the throes of destruction.

Meaning and History

The game orbits the shattered Elden Ring, its fragments dispersed among demigods, instigating the cataclysmic Shattering—a conflict of monumental proportions. Players embody the Tarnished, tasked with traversing tainted lands to reunite the fragmented Ring. Master fantasy storyteller George R. R. Martin’s significant contributions draw from his revered series, “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Elden Ring evolves the storytelling of past Souls games, offering a meticulously crafted yet intricate plot, expansive quests from NPCs, enriched dialogues, and heightened cut-scene presentations. With eight distinct classes, each endowed with unique traits and an arsenal of weapons and armor, players can tailor their character’s evolution to match their preferred playstyle.

Set within a vast open world, players navigate on horseback between locales, encountering a profound combat system and formidable adversaries. Elden Ring mirrors the rich choices inherent in the Souls series, offering a myriad of weaponry, spells, and the option for cooperative game mode.

The plot of Elden Ring embraces the enigmatic “Miyazaki fog,” reflecting Hidetaka Miyazaki’s penchant for allowing gamers to unravel the story themselves. Amidst its intricacy, the game harbors a storyline crucial for players seeking clarity amid From Software’s immersive worlds.

What is Elden Ring?
Elden Ring embodies an adventure RPG crafted by From Software and George R. R. Martin, weaving Scandinavian mythology into its realm—the Lands Between. Launched in February 2022, it crafts an immersive narrative within a dark and captivating universe.

2022 – today

Elden Ring Logo

The Elden Ring logo, unveiled upon the game’s official release on February 25, 2022, boasts confident uppercase serif lettering with elongated sharp serifs, framing the inscription. The primary version features gradient gold tones against a transparent white backdrop, while the secondary version adopts a straightforward black-and-white scheme.


Elden Ring Emblem

The refined uppercase lettering in the logo mirrors a classic serif typeface, reminiscent of fonts like Venetian 301 Std Bold or ITC Legacy Serif Std Medium.


Elden Ring Symbol

The game’s visual identity revolves around a regal amalgamation of gold and white, evoking an elegant ambiance befitting its essence.