Destiny is a multiplatform video game developed by Bungie as a first-person shooter with different game modes. It is distributed as a multiplayer video game, where players complete tasks, raids and progress through the game plot to get new weapons, armor elements and improve their characters. One can also play Crucible, a PvP mode, and collect weapons on the map. The game has two parts, released in 2014 and 2017 respectively.

Meaning and History

The first Destiny was released in late 2014 on the consoles of the contemporary and previous generations. Its developer is Bungie, who is known for Halo game series. During active development, which is measured to cost $500 million, the project passed various restyles, content cuts, and renovations, which have later become a part of the DLC collection for Destity and Destity 2, released in 2017.

What is Destiny?
Destiny is a multiplayer video game in the genre of MMO shooter, developed by Bungie in 2014 and followed by the second part in 2017, alongside numerous DLCs. The players take the role of the defenders of the last safe city on the planet. They can choose one of three races (Awoken, Human, and Exo), and classes (Titan, Worlock, and Hunter) to fight in the raids, PvP matches, or collect exotic equipment in the game world.

2014 – today

Destiny Logo

The game has never changed its logotype. It features two geometric shapes. The first one consists of three circular elements, sometimes called ‘horns’ by fans. It encloses an oval in its center. Above this emblem, the name caption in an uppercase sans-serif typeface finds its place. Nobody knows for sure what the emblem means. Some fans consider it a wolf pack, depicted symbolically, while others take it as three in-game classes (Titan, Worlock, and Hunter) or races (Awoken, Human, and Exo). Nevertheless, the logo looks memorial.


Destiny Symbol

The wordmark is introduced in a medium bold title case typeface with no serifs and wide spaces in between.


Destiny Emblem

The logotype uses generally cold and metallic colors, such as gray and black. They’re often put against a white backdrop for contrast.