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Released by InnerSloth in 2018, Among Us is a team-based online game that gained immense traction in 2020, becoming a hit through live streaming platforms and video content creators amidst the global pandemic. The gameplay is set in an outer space locale where players take on the roles of Crewmates and Impostors. Crewmates are tasked with completing objectives and identifying the Impostors, who stealthily aim to thwart the Crewmates’ efforts.

Meaning and History

The game has garnered a following for its engaging mechanics of social deduction and its straightforward interface, appealing to a diverse demographic. It’s the promotion of interaction and community that has placed ‘Among Us’ among the preferred titles for gamers seeking a mix of collaborative and competitive play. The dynamic of discussing suspicions and determining the deceivers fosters a spirited environment of cooperation, planning, and intrigue.

With its growing fame, ‘Among Us’ received updates that introduced additional content, enriching player engagement and maintaining its growing fanbase. InnerSloth decided to continue developing the existing game instead of creating a sequel, adding new environments, challenges, and options for player personalization while improving support for an increased player base. These enhancements affirm the game’s standing and reflect the developers’ dedication to its community, cementing ‘Among Us’ as an enduring presence in online gaming culture.

What is Among Us?
Developed by InnerSloth, ‘Among Us’ soared in online gaming circles in 2020, though it was first introduced in 2018. In this multiplayer adventure, set against a galactic backdrop, players become Crewmates or Impostors. Crewmates are charged with completing assignments and deducing who the saboteurs are. The game’s rise to prominence is significantly attributed to content creators who played and broadcasted it, enthralling audiences with its blend of collaboration, cunning, and subterfuge.

2018 – today

Among Us Logo

The logo for ‘Among Us’ is marked by a robust, rounded sans-serif font that stands out for its legible and friendly appearance. A unique ‘crewmate A’ character provides a distinctive feature within the logo, mirroring the game’s avatars. The boldness of the typeface conveys accessibility, and the gentle curves support the modern and relaxed image of the brand.


Among Us Symbol

The typeface for ‘Among Us’ is selected for its legible and inviting appearance. The ‘crewmate A’ brings a notable characteristic to the logo, representing the game’s avatars. The typeface exudes a welcoming feel, with its fullness and curved lines contributing to the brand’s modern and relaxed visual identity.


Among Us Emblem

The logo uses a minimalist color scheme, with solid black for the text that ensures it stands out. The color black is evocative of the infinite cosmos, resonating with the game’s cosmic setting. A red highlight under the text brings to mind the pivotal meetings in the game, indicative of the urgent gameplay decisions. These color decisions reinforce the brand’s identity and evoke the game’s dynamic of suspense and action.