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The University of Washington is one of the outstanding public educational institutions. This institution prides itself on its ability to turn ideas into impact and transform lives and the world around us. The University of Washington is internationally recognized, accredited, and one of the oldest in the United States. Known for its unique research in medicine, engineering, natural sciences, and computer technology – areas that continue to develop and will always be relevant. The university also pays great attention to environmental protection.

Meaning and History

University of Washington Logo history

Founded just ten years after the city of Seattle was founded in 1861, Washington State University helps students prepare for their professional careers by offering highly-ranked academic programs. Over the next decades, the university gradually expanded and developed, adding new faculties and study programs, and soon became a major educational institution in the region. Today, the university consists of 16 colleges and has three large campuses. It also has one of the largest libraries in the United States, its observatory, art museums, the strongest school of American football, and an organized and fundamental arts center that has given the whole world many talented people.

What is University of Wahington?
The University of Washington is a prestigious American university. This is one of the oldest and largest public universities on the West Coast. It is a university with three campuses in the US, as well as a representative office in Leon that allows students to study multiple disciplines.

1861 – Today

University of Washington Logo 1861

There were two logos created for the institution. One of them was a round emblem with the university name printed around its border. The designers used a traditional serif font in this logo. There was also a foundation year at the bottom. The center of the emblem was decorated by a shield with stripes in the lower portion and star and wavy lines at the top. The shield also had an inscription that translated as “Let There Be Light”, which is quite symbolic as education is believed to enlighten individuals. The logo is done in royal purple with a white base.

1861 – Today

University of Washington Logo

The other version was not as intricate and consisted of the full name as well as an initial above it. The initial looked bold thanks to thick strokes and slab serifs. The line underneath featured all caps, except for “of”, and a slightly different serif font. This was a simple logo that was used by the university alongside the round emblem for over a century.

Font and Color

University of Washington Emblem

For both of its logos, the university chose traditional serif fonts. The round emblem features high-contrast strokes and bracketed slab serifs. The wordmark has even stroke thickness but also has bracketed serifs. The large “W”, on the other hand, features slab serifs and different stroke thicknesses.

Both emblems are united by one color – a deep purple color that became closely associated with the institution. The purple color had different meanings, but the designers surely wanted it to be associated with the wisdom, creativity, ambition, and pride that one feels when being part of UW. It also reflects the power and independence that education gives an individual.