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Indiana University is one of the most advanced public universities of our time. As a remarkable college campus, Indiana University Bloomington is recognized as a doctoral university with very high research activity, according to the Carnegie classification. Its annual research expenditures are $540 million. The school’s athletic teams are prominent members of the NCAA Division I Big Ten conference. Since Indiana University does not have a mascot, all teams are known simply as Hoosiers (an inhabitant or native of Indiana).

Meaning and History

Indiana University Logo history

Its founding date is 1820. Today, this is a whole system of campuses that educate students from all states of America, as well as from close to 150 countries around the world. In total, the institute’s network includes eight campuses: from the largest in Bloomington, with a student population of about 50,000, to the smallest in Kokomo, with a student population of 4,180. With such a large army of students, it is impossible not to have an even more impressive community of alumni. Among the 650,000 individuals, there are also many recognized personalities.

What is Indiana University?
Indiana University is a public institution. For more than 200 years, the university has been inspiring students to solve problems and is a leader in innovation in many academic fields. The University’s mission is to achieve excellence, both in scientific activity and the transfer of knowledge to a new generation, in the creation of a worthy society, and in assistance to both the immediate environment and the world as a whole.

1976 – 1982

Indiana University Logo 1976

The logo of the institution is quite unusual and simple. It is just a trident symbol. At the same time, it became closely linked with the university identity and did not require any inscriptions that would specify who it belonged to. The symbol was done in solid crimson, which made it look good on virtually any background. The lines of the illustration were straight and clean and featured bracketed slab serifs on the ends. The latter created a grand and impressive image.

1982 – 2002

Indiana University Logo 1982

This logo looks a lot bolder and powerful. It is achieved not only thanks to the addition of black color but also the transition to more angular and square forms. Unfortunately, it lost the elegant and sophisticated feel it had earlier. The black contributed to a three-dimensional appearance with a shadow on the left and an outline around the whole symbol. It now looked more vertically elongated and compressed.

2002 – Today

Indiana University Logo

This logo is a modified version of the logo the institution introduced in 1982. The most major change was the removal of the black color, which made the logo look a lot brighter and lighter. The shape of the trident symbol has been altered ever so slightly. Mainly it was the slab brackets at the top and bottom that got slightly thinner. This created a more balanced look. Despite all the changes, the logo stayed recognizable as it still featured a red color and the same symbol.

Font and Color

Indiana University Emblem

The university uses a rich shade of red – the crimson color that reflects its energy and passion for education. It also makes the students feel excited about the university and brave to try something new and not have anything stand in their way of achieving their goals. This color was accompanied by the classic and just as powerful color black for around twenty years. There are no inscriptions, but if you look at the trident, it can be said that the institution went for a bold, slab serif font style.