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Harvard University is one of the world’s most prestigious educational organizations, which is based in Cambridge, United States. Established in 1636, now it’s a large complex, rated in Ivy League for its educational and scientific activities. HU provides its 20k+ students with more than 3,700 courses and other assignments, carefully prepared by nearly 2,400 professors. The organization is structured through its 1 college, 12 under- and postgraduate schools, and numerous related facilities.

Meaning and history

The university was established in 1636, which makes it the oldest educational facility in the US. Originally titled a college, it was sponsored with money and library books by a puritan priest named John Harvard. In 1643, the college wrote its purpose statement, which read about learning advancement, securing of the knowledge to the future generations, and eradication of an ignorant service to church.

This concept didn’t change dramatically throughout the university’s history – it always concentrated on advanced exploration of liberal arts and natural sciences, accompanied by constant research and development. The study programs, developed during these almost 400 years, aimed to reflect these values.

What is Harvard University?
Harvard University is an American science research institute, providing knowledge to students across the globe. Their programs explore the most modern branches of liberal and natural sciences, and allow people to develop their own ideas and projects. There are 3600+ educational courses and many other specialities and assignments, prepared by 2000+ academicians.

1843 – Today

Harvard University Logo 1843

The 1843 seal features the ‘Academiae Harvardiare Nov Ang Sigillum’ inscription in the outer frame. Inside it, a shield shows up with its lower tip sharpened. It had three books, two at the top and one in thelower part. Each one described its own syllable of the motto ‘veritas’, meaning ‘truth’. Around the shield, they wrote the ‘Christo et ecclesiae’ inscription, written in capitals. What’s notable is the seal’s history: it was firstly drawn in 1836 by the president Quinci, who found its sketch in the archives. In 1843, the managed voted to make the seal the general signature for the documents.

The shield with books on it became a part of the official brand mark of the university. It consists of the seal plus the two-level nameplate, placed to the right. Sometimes, the crest is surrounded by an ornamental wreath. Over the lower part of this wreath, there is a ribbon showing the name.


The bright red shade was chosen to depict Harvard’s official shield. It reflects power and provokes attention. This shade was adopted in 1890, after the university’s rowers’ team started giving crimson red scarves to random visitors. The wreath on the logotype is usually colored. Finally, white with some black lines was used to feature books o the shield, while the words are presented in black.


The capitalized nameplate in the Harvard’s logotype is written in Garamond font. It has typical sans-serif letterforms with prominent gaps in between. The ‘veritas’ motto has a somewhat alike typeface, but the characters are bolder and narrower.