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Florida International University (FIU), situated in Miami, Florida, stands tall among the top three largest universities in the United States and proudly claims a spot within the nation’s top five in student enrollment. Holding the esteemed R1 designation, FIU is renowned for its robust and impactful research initiatives. Established by SACS in 1965 as a school, it attained university status in 1972, marking a pivotal transformation.

Meaning and History

FIU Logo history

The roots of FIU trace back to the unwavering dedication of Senator Ernest “Cap” Graham, a visionary advocate who championed the establishment of a Miami-Dade County university owing to the region’s burgeoning population. Despite initial reluctance from the state legislature in 1943, Graham persevered and garnered support from local leadership. Finally, in 1964, Governor Robert M. Haverfield greenlit the formulation of the university’s implementation plan.

What is FIU?
Florida International University, or FIU, emerged in 1965 and has transformed from a school to an R1 category higher education institution. Its foundation was driven by the initiative of Senator Ernest “Cap” Graham, who solidified its stature as a prominent educational cornerstone in Miami, Florida. Boasting significant student enrollment and a distinguished academic and research profile, FIU stands as a beacon of educational excellence and innovation.

1964 – 2005

FIU Logo 1964

The inaugural logo showcased FIU’s academic seal alongside a dark blue wordmark, featuring the institution’s abbreviation in the top right corner. The phrase “Miami‚Äôs public research university” elegantly adorned the bottom in italics.

2005 – 2009

FIU Logo 2005

This iteration featured the university’s full name, “FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY,” with prominent initials “F,” “I,” and “U.” The contrasting serif font projected a structured yet dynamic aesthetic.

2009 – today

FIU Logo

The current emblem singularly embodies the university’s name. The acronym “FIU” is depicted in bold uppercase block letters outlined in gold, while the full name, presented in bold uppercase serif font, aligns to the right, separated by a vertical line of equal height, also outlined in gold.


FIU Symbol

The seal and FIU logo employ Adobe Garamond and Adobe Bembo typefaces, utilizing bold serifed letters for primary communications. New Frank and Furore are recommended for headlines, subheadlines, and university documents.


FIU Emblem

The official color scheme encompasses dark blue and gold, symbolizing nobility and an unwavering pursuit of intellectual endeavors.