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The University of Central Florida (UCF) stands tall as a bastion of scholarly pursuit, embodying a commitment to excellence across a diverse spectrum of disciplines. This esteemed educational institution offers programs in engineering, hospitality, digital media, and health sciences, and manifests its dedication through state-of-the-art facilities, pioneering research endeavors, and a vibrant campus culture. Beyond the rigors of academics, UCF thrives as a bustling community, embracing athletics, arts, and a tapestry of student organizations, fostering an environment that nurtures holistic growth and triumph among its cherished students.

Meaning and History

UCF Logo history

The saga of the University of Central Florida unfurls back to its genesis in 1963 as Florida Technological University (FTU), conceived to bolster the burgeoning aerospace industry in the region. A chrysalis of transformation, FTU evolved over the years, expanding its academic horizons to metamorphose into the multifaceted institution known today as UCF. In 1978, a pivotal moment arrived in its journey as the institution adopted the moniker “University of Central Florida,” signifying its broadened purview encompassing more than technological pursuits.

UCF’s annals brim with tales of relentless innovation and expansive growth. The institution’s acclaim burgeoned through avant-garde research endeavors, notably in realms like optics, simulation, and digital media. Its strategic proximity to the Kennedy Space Center acted as a catalyst, fostering collaborations with industry titans and propelling its status as a vanguard of technological advancement and academic eminence.

Beyond the scholarly zenith, UCF’s history echoes with resonant milestones in the realm of athletics. Notably, its ascent in collegiate sports, particularly football, earned national acclaim, elevating the institution’s visibility and instilling pride in its community. These landmarks epitomize UCF’s ceaseless evolution, defining its identity as a dynamic and forward-looking university.

What is UCF?
UCF is an acronym for the University of Central Florida—an educational & scientific organization that specializes in natural and mechanical studies. It was established in the mid-60s to boost cosmic research in the region and has eventually transformed into the regional center of education.

???? – 1963

UCF Logo old

The logo is a strikingly detailed black-and-white line drawing that appears to be an older representation of the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) emblem. Central to the design is a majestic Pegasus, the mythological winged horse, depicted in mid-flight, which symbolizes the university’s vision of limitless possibilities. The Pegasus is drawn with its wings elegantly spread upwards and outwards, showcasing feathers in intricate detail that suggest movement and grace. Its muscular body and flowing mane and tail convey strength and speed. The creature’s head is turned slightly to its right, giving it a noble profile with an alert, forward-gazing expression. This depiction of Pegasus reflects UCF’s commitment to high aspirations, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. The artistry of the logo combines classical elements with a modern flair, embodying the spirit of UCF as a place of learning and advancement.

1963 – 2008

UCF Logo 1963

The inaugural logo of the University of Central Florida exuded an aura of sophistication and timelessness. Adorned with the emblematic Pegasus, albeit in a more delicately drawn and refined rendition, it featured a three-tiered inscription in an ornate serif typeface with subtly elongated and flattened letters. The gentle golden emblem of the winged Pegasus, poised in flight, adorned the left, lending an air of grace and elegance to the composition.

2008 – today

UCF Logo

The golden Pegasus, the emblematic winged horse of Greek mythology, found its place in the institution’s logo, crafted by the adept hands of Jim Shattuck and Norman Van Meter. Notably selected from a pool of over 50 versions, the Pegasus was embraced as a symbol embodying boundless possibilities—an apt embodiment of the university’s ethos.


UCF Symbol

The University of Central Florida finds its typographic identity in Gotham (Book) and Chronicle (Deck), complemented by secondary fonts Knockout and Archer. The primary logo prominently features the Gotham typeface.


UCF Emblem

The institutional colors, black and bright gold, serve as the hallowed hues woven into the fabric of UCF’s identity. Whether adorning print or digital media, these hues uphold varying tones.