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A social network known as Twitter is used by hundreds of millions of people and companies around the world. It has accounts created by organizations, government agencies, celebrities, and people who have something to share with others. Anyone can subscribe to these accounts and receive information from them. This information can be discussed, liked, or disliked. It can be considered a microblogging platform where one can chat with friends or read posts by other. The demand for the resource has made it one of the priority areas for social media marketing.

Meaning and History

Twitter Logо history

After leaving Google, Evan Williams co-founded Odeo, a podcast company. Twitter was created in 2006 based on Odeo, but a year later, it was spun off into a separate organization Twitter, Inc. Its owners were the founders of Odeo, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, and Jack Dorsey, a programmer who came up with the idea that made all of them rich. The test version of the service worked within Odeo and was used to communicate with company employees. The project was originally called Twitter, but the domain was already taken, so the service was named Twttr. Six months later, the domain was purchased, and the service was renamed Twitter. A year later, the number of regular Twitter users exceeded several hundred thousand people. At the beginning of June 2010, more than 190 million tweeters registered in the system. The company developed rapidly and constantly expanded its possibilities. In 2022, the ownership structure of Twitter has undergone major changes. The whole company was acquired by one of the richest men, Elon Musk.

What is Twitter?
Twitter is a popular social network through which one can quickly receive information from various sources. Anyone can have an account here and share information with subscribers. Here you can exchange messages and create conversations.

2006 (prototype)

Twitter Logo 2006

Twitter had very interesting, creative logo designs until it finally came up with an official version of the logo. One of them, for instance, featured a “twtta” inscription done in dark green with the “w” being lighter. The letters were rounded and had a 3D appearance. For an extra “nature” touch, there were drops of water on the letters.

2006 – 2010

Twitter Logo 2006

The first official version had only the name of the service. It was printed with all lowercase letters set in a variation of the Pico Black typeface. Similar to the prototype logo, the letters were rounded for a user-friendly appearance. The light blue color further promoted communication and freedom.

2010 – 2012

Twitter Logo 2010

To make the Twitter logo even more interesting, they added an icon of a small, flying bird on the right. Considering that the name comes from the word “to tweet”, it was more than appropriate. Such a small change made a lot of difference. The little bird could be interpreted in a million ways. It added a touch of happiness, symbolized freedom, and so much more.

2012 – 2023

Twitter Logo 2012

The addition of a bird to the logo was such a good idea, that the service decided to make it the only element of their emblem. It was redrawn to have fewer details. In addition, the designers went for a darker blue and the singing bird was now flying up instead of forward. This bird is now commonly referred to as the “Twitter bird”.

2023 – Today

Twitter Logо

In April 2023, another company Musk X Corp. took over Twitter. The logo update followed soon. On July 24, 2023, the owner of Twitter changed the iconic logo of the social network Twitter to a new black and white one – now it’s just the letter “X” on a black background. The logo change came as Musk made many changes to the platform, including promoting a monthly Twitter subscription service, increasing the length of tweets, improving video quality, adding the ability to post jobs for businesses, and others.

Font and Color

The first true logo used modified Pico Black font for the wordmark. It was used until the 2012 logo no longer had any inscriptions. With an exception of a logo that was created during the testing period, Twitter logos always used a light blue close to turquoise for their logos. This color represents friendship, communication, and freedom, which is what this service is all about.