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Amadeus is a Spanish IT company. It was founded in 1987. The company’s headquarters are located in Madrid (Spain). The main processing center is located in Erding (Germany). It is one of the world’s greatest civilian database centers specializing in tourism. More than a billion transactions are carried out daily in the Center and more than 3 million bookings are treated. The company has 5 regional centers and 3 R&D centers around the world.

What is an interesting fact about Amadeus?
Their computer system provides access to booking air tickets, hotels, cruise tours, car rental for more than 104 thousand travel agencies. The system is also used by over 36 thousand representative offices of various airlines for booking and selling tickets, as well as 134 airlines for storing and managing resources (schedules, flights, fares). The system contains information about 95% of seats on scheduled flights of airlines around the world. The system provides access to information about flights and ticket availability of 784 airlines, to booking air tickets of 488 airlines, booking rooms in 85,715 hotels, car rental of 26 companies and booking cruises of 20 companies worldwide.

Meaning and History

Amadeus Logo history

The first version of the Amadeus logo was created in 2010. The logo was a company name written in a specially designed designer font. At the same time, under the name written in blue letters, there was also the phrase “Your technology partner” written in black letters. In 2014, this phrase was removed. The logo was changed a little. The blue color of the letters remained, but the font changed.

1987 – 200?

Amadeus Logo 1987

200? – now

Amadeus Logo

Font and Color

The main color of the Amadeus logo is deep blue. The blue color is calm, strong, liberal, cold, creating a sense of reliability and security, causing trust. The power of the sky and the ocean fill the blue color. Blue is the favorite color of 42% of the world’s population and the most common colors of brand logos, including Amadeus.