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Former US President Donald Trump has been planning to launch his own social network for a long time. The Truth Social platform should become an alternative to Twitter and other social networks that prevent people from openly expressing their political position. On February 21, 2022, the platform was launched. Later, the social media platform appeared in the AppStore.

Meaning and History

Truth Social Logo history

The development of the social network and the logo Truth Social began in October 2021. The main mission of the developers is to implement unique technological solutions and get rid of the oppression of Silicon Valley companies that have captured the technology market. This platform will become a platform where everyone will be able to express their oppositional opinion without fear and embarrassment, which is especially important for each person with their own views on the situation. This is what should be read in the logo.

What is the appearance of the logo? The logo resembles a white letter “T”, through which a vertical blue stripe runs, merging with a blue background. There is a dot of emerald green color after the letter “T”.

At the same time, the logo Truth Social is very similar to the logo of the Trailer company from the UK, which installs solar panels on trucks and provides analytical data on cargo transportation. As the user who noticed the similarity notes, the logistics company has been using the logo since 2019. Trailer even thanked Trump on their micro blog for supporting the growing business, adding that next time it’s better to ask for permission to use it. The Thruth logo is still a shade of blue, and it has an emerald green dot that is missing from the Trailer logo.

What can be the result of this confusing fact? According to Insider, Trailer is considering filing a lawsuit against Truth Social. Now the company is consulting with lawyers on this issue.

2021 – 2022

Truth Logo 2021

2022 – now

Font and Color

The logo uses 3 colors: blue (background color), white and emerald green. What is the meaning of each color? The blue color is convincing, carries a message of confidence and success.

White symbolizes truthfulness. This meaning corresponds to the concept of a social network. Representatives of a wide variety of political views will be able to express their thoughts here without any hesitation.

Finally, the Green color symbolizes determination, readiness to act. Users are able to post the so-called truth on their page in the news feed (this is a kind of analogue of a tweet). Here you can also attach photos, links to third-party sources and videos.