Tiger Woods Logo

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Tiger Woods, originally Eldrick Tont Woods, graced the world on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California, USA. Bestowed with the moniker ‘Tiger’ by his father—a former Vietnam Army officer—the name became a significant familial insignia, inspired by a fellow comrade.

Meaning and History

Tiger Woods Logo history

In 1996, Tiger Woods embarked on his golfing odyssey, catching the eye of Nike, which promptly endorsed him. His ascent was meteoric, claiming the pinnacle of global rankings within a year—a perch he commanded for over a decade. Concurrently, Woods trademarked his persona and unveiled his inaugural logo.

By 2000, Woods had solidified his status as the world’s preeminent golfer, accumulating accolades and fortifying his athletic eminence. Golf transcended being a mere pursuit for Woods; it became both his way of life and livelihood. His illustrious career boasts 93 victories, including 71 PGA championships. In 2009, the Associated Press crowned Woods the paramount golfer of the preceding decade.

Following a 15-month hiatus due to back treatment, Woods made a comeback to the sport in 2016, finishing 15th among 18 competitors. However, his triumphant resurgence arrived three years later, clinching a Masters tournament victory—a remarkable feat after a 14-year hiatus in that category. Woods’ financial portfolio now exceeds $1 billion, aligning him among three esteemed billionaire athletes alongside LeBron James and Michael Jordan, leveraging his renown to invest in diverse ventures.

Diving into entrepreneurial endeavors, Woods helms TGR Design for golf course architecture, manages TGR Live for event orchestration, and presides over The Woods restaurant. His firm, TGR Ventures, holds interests in Full Swing (a golf training device startup), hotel software developer Heard, PopStroke (managing mini-golf courses), and the NEXUS Luxury Collection, featuring notable investors like Justin Timberlake, Ernie Els, and Joe Lewis.

Tiger Woods’ visual identity maintains coherence, witnessing a sole redesign in 2016, coinciding with the establishment of Tiger Woods Ventures. Previously, he utilized the logo from his initial collaboration with Nike.

What is Tiger Woods?
Tiger Woods stands as golf’s foremost luminary and one of the world’s wealthiest athletes. His professional journey commenced in 1996, heralding the inception of a storied career that continues to reverberate across sports and beyond.

2000s – 2016

Tiger Woods Logo 2000

The original emblem featured a geometric banner resembling a fusion of ‘W’ and ‘T,’ delineated in sleek black lines.

2016 – today

Tiger Woods Logo

The revamped insignia comprises three vertically elongated triangles in solid blue, coupled with a dual-tiered inscription in the same hue. Symbolizing resolve, precision, and adaptability, the triangles also evoke a woodland essence—a subtle homage to Woods’ surname.


Tiger Woods Symbol

The logo adopts an uppercase, contemporary sans-serif font reminiscent of Crossten SemiBold or Averts Cyr Bold, exuding a polished and uncluttered demeanor.


Tiger Woods Emblem

The color palette revolves around a deep, serene blue, embodying professionalism, steadfastness, and reliability.