Within the sonic realm of cinemas, HDMI devices, microphones, soundbars, speakers, and receivers, THX has pioneered a certification system, ensuring impeccable sound quality. For certified equipment and multimedia products, THX strives to deliver an auditory experience that faithfully mirrors the filmmakers’ intentions. This commitment extends to cinema halls, mandating compliance with stringent technical and acoustic standards, irrespective of the audio format—be it analog or digital.

Meaning and History

The legacy of THX dates back to 1983, conceived by audio luminary Tomlinson M. Holman, later an Apple Inc. luminary. Initially, this pinnacle of audio technology was nestled within the realms of Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, a brainchild of the American company. Transitioning ownership, THX found a home within Creative Technology Limited and eventually, in 2016, came under the mantle of Razer.

The inception of THX coincided with the release of the sixth installment of Star Wars, where the certification system was tailor-made to ensure optimal sound for Episode VI screenings. This pioneering standardization burgeoned into a global benchmark, encompassing a myriad of multimedia products and techniques in audio and video playback, thus adorning countless certified entities with the iconic THX logos.

The bedrock of THX’s visual representation rests upon a singular, unchanging symbol—a straightforward, two-dimensional “THX” lettering. Crafted from the initials of “Tomlinson Holman eXperiment,” this emblem resonates with George Lucas’ inaugural film, “THX 1138,” persisting in its original form, unwavering despite the brand’s meteoric rise.

What is THX?
THX is a technological company focusing on audio software. It has designed a certification system, applied to sonic equipment like microphones, HDMI devices, speakers, receivers, etc. The company has made a considerable impact on the cinema-making industry.

1983 – today

THX Logo

The iconic THX lettering remains a constant, forming a linear alignment of capital letters in uniform black strokes. A distinct enlargement of the “T” encompasses the “H” and “X” at the apex, while a corresponding underscore-like line parallels at the base, yet distinct from the abbreviation.

Despite the logo’s stark simplicity, THX Ltd. infuses innovation into trailers, often enlisting their enduring mascot—a construction robot named Tex. Vivid, three-dimensional renditions coupled with classic Deep Note or contemporary soundtracks complement the otherwise monochromatic insignia. This marriage of tradition and modernity debuted during the 1983 premiere of Star Wars’ sixth episode, gracing cinemas in Hollywood and Dallas.


THX Symbol

The THX acronym boasts a modified, unknown grotesque typeface, akin to Eurostyle, marked by uniform vertical and horizontal stroke thickness. In 2015, a font, “THX,” was crafted, mimicking the wordmark and introducing parallel lines above and below each letter.


THX Emblem

While vibrant and voluminous in trailers, the official THX logo retains its monochrome palette—entirely black since its inception in 1983.