Adform is a multinational company involved in digital media advertising. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, it operates in 29 countries around the world. Being one of the global demand side platforms, Adform offers the Adform Flow product that is positioned as a unique enterprise technology providing customers with a transparent and encompassing system for their advertising operations.

Meaning and history

Adform logo history

Adform was established in 2002. The company initially provided the ad serving technology helping place advertisement on web sites. With the business development, it launched such services as mobile advertising, banner advertising, and digital marketing. By launching its data management platform and Publisher Edge service in 2015, Adform elevated its status in the advertising segment. As of today, Adform Flow, the company’s base product, unites a number of services including Supply & Access Curation, Campaign Reporting & Optimization, Programmatic & Direct Buying and others.

Adform’s brand identity is distinguished with a simple and consistent design. The logo, representing a wordmark, features quite an unconventional font as well as a graphical element which replaces the letter “O” – it can be used alone as the company’s secondary logo. The round symbol is designed in blue, green and yellow and intended to convey the company’s openness and dynamism. With it, the color gamma is to symbolize confidence, responsibility, professionalism, and flexibility.

2002 – 2013

Adform Logo 2002

The wordmark was designed in a custom sans-serif typeface featuring elongated and rounded letterforms. The “O” symbol in the initial version was drawn with a free stroke with three colored segments.

2013 – now

Adform Logo

The logo retained its traditional font, and “O” symbol was redesigned, receiving a correct circular form with a gap. While the main version of the emblem is displayed with the gray letters and colored color circle, fully monochrome variants in gray, white and deep blue are also envisaged to be used on a variety of colored backgrounds. Additionally, they may be accompanied by the tagline “Make Every Impression Count”.

Fonts and colors

Adform Logo Color

While the logo features a wordmark in the Variable typeface, Adform’s general typography includes Acumin Pro and Arial. The brand’s main color palette is formed with the colors of the emblem – blue, green, yellow and gray. The secondary colors represent some shades of the main colors and have to create more visual diversity in identity elements.