Sephora is a French chain of stores that sell a variety of beauty and personal hygiene products from various brands, both owned by Sephora and not. It was created in 1969, and by the 1990s it was in the hands of LVMH, a big French conglomerate that specializes in luxury products.

Meaning and History

Sephora was created in 1969 as a chain of stores that sell hygiene and beauty products. It’s now one of the primary sources of such products in the country. The name is a play on the Greek work ‘sephos’, which means ‘beauty’. It’s meant to sound somewhat exotic and elegant.

What is Sephora?
Sephora is a chain of French beauty salons that sale a variety of French and foreign beautification and hygiene solutions. The brand was created in 1970, and it’s currently owned by the LVMH conglomerate.

1970 – today

Sephora Logo

The original logo has been in use ever since. It includes a wordmark featuring the company name, as well as a small emblem. The wordmark is used predominantly, while the emblem is seemingly optional.

The wordmark is arranged using capitalized letters of a very basic sans-serif font. They are tall letters, placed far apart to create a very long piece of text. They mostly use the color black to paint these letters, although white is used at times against darker background. It’s also meant to convey elegance.

The emblem used in conjunction with the name piece is a thin wavy vertical line that’s supposed to be a flame. At the same time, it looks like the letter ‘S’ in a very artistic way. This symbol is typically placed above the name part, although at times it can be used independently to represent the brand.


Sephora Symbol

Sephora uses a largely basic formula for their font. It’s a regular sans-serif style that utilizes capitalized letters exclusively. These characters are rather tall, but there is nothing particularly unusual about them.


Sephora Emblem

In order to convey the elegance Sephora wants to display so much, they use only the colors black and white. The dominant color in these logotypes is black; it’s usually the only color. On occasions, it’s replaced with white, but only when placed against a darker background.