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The Seattle Kraken, a recently established American professional ice hockey team, emerged in 2020 as an expansion franchise in Seattle, a proposal initiated by the Seattle Hockey Partners. David Bonderman, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Tod Leiwke spearheaded the creation of this new hockey club, with Ron Francis chosen to lead it.

Meaning and History

Seattle Kraken Logo history

Professional ice hockey in Seattle boasts a storied history, rooted in the formation of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA) in the early 20th century. The Metropolitans, a Seattle-based team, achieved a historic milestone by winning the Stanley Cup in 1917, marking them as the first American team to claim this prestigious title. Unfortunately, the Metropolitans withdrew from competition in 1924.

From 1944 to 1975, the Seattle Totems competed in the Western Hockey League (WHL). However, organizational instability hindered their progress, and the sport’s development in Seattle faced numerous challenges, including fundraising difficulties and unsuccessful attempts to acquire existing teams.

In December 2018, the Western Hockey League granted approval to Seattle’s proposal for a new hockey franchise. The team adopted the name “Kraken,” a decision officially ratified in the summer of 2020. These skilled athletes now captivate fans at the Climate Pledge Arena, serving as the stage for Seattle’s professional hockey journey.

What is Seattle Kraken?
The Seattle Kraken, a newly established American ice hockey team, emerged on the scene as an expansion franchise in Seattle in the year 2020. Ron Francis assumed the leadership of this venture. With great anticipation, the takes its place in the Western Conference as a member of the Pacific Division.

2018 – 2020

Seattle Kraken Logo 2018

The original logo showcases a handwritten style with fluid, slanted letters, combining both uppercase and lowercase characters. The “S” features an upper loop larger than the lower one, while both “t”s share a single crossbar. A long rectangular stroke with sharp points underlines the “l.” The logo’s color is coral red against a white background.

2020 – today

Seattle Kraken Logo

The team’s emblem features the letter “S,” creatively stylized to resemble multiple images: a wave, tentacles, a seahorse, and an anchor.

The symbol comprises three interconnected segments that seamlessly blend together. Inner light stripes create a three-dimensional, forked shape against a dark background, achieving a 3D effect through the overlay of colors. Nestled between the dark and light sides, a red spot conceals the Kraken’s eye, which serves to both secretly observe opponents and exert a hypnotic, intimidating influence.


Seattle Kraken Emblem

The “Seattle Kraken” inscription employs two distinct typefaces. “Seattle” is written in a modern font, featuring bold and wide capital letters. In contrast, “Kraken” is displayed in a font with robust and straight gothic-style volumetric letters.


Seattle Kraken Symbol

The team’s visual identity primarily revolves around shades of blue, often incorporating darker tones. The standout element in this design is the Kraken’s eye, which is rendered in a striking dark red hue.