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Ryanair is one of the largest airlines in Europe, with over 400 planes covering 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North America and more. It’s an Irish low-cost company that initially offered short-distance flights between the UK and Ireland. Since the 90s, it’s been reorganized into a more commercially viable services provider, which ultimately made it one of the most successful such firms in the world.

Meaning and History

Ryanair Logo history

Ryanair was created in 1984 by one T. Ryan, hence the name. Ryan is one of the most common Irish names, which contributes to the brand’s recognition. The company has long been using traditional Irish symbols, including a golden harp (the national emblem of the country) and the dark blue color.

What is Ryanair?
Ryanair is a low-cost Irish airline created in 1984. Originally offering short-distance flights between the UK and Ireland, it’s now one of the biggest airlines in Europe and the world.

1984 – 198?

Ryanair Logo 1984

The original logotype consisted of an emblem and a wordmark.

The emblem is supposed to resemble a triskelion, a typical Celtic symbol consisting of three round objects typed together in the middle. Instead of the usual round elements, the triskelion parts look like the tails of a plane. The entire thing is depicted using double lines: red in the center, dark blue on the outside.

The word ‘RyanAir’ (written in displayed) is also depicted using these double lines. The coloring is fully blue. The letters are somewhat titled to the right, but the overall font is seemingly a sans-serif style. All of these letters are big and capitalized, but some are smaller than others. The lines are supposed to represent the runway markings.

198? – 199?

Ryanair Logo 1980s

198? – 199?

Ryanair Logo 1980s-1990s

199? – 199?

Ryanair Logo 1990s

199? – 199?

Ryanair Logo 1990s-1990s

199? – 2001

Ryanair Logo 1990s-2001

In 1987, a classic Ryanair logotype was introduced. The two elements are now depicted side-by-side, and the triskelion bit was replaced with the now-iconic harp image. It’s a simplistic design, depicting the harp with four strings of varying width, with the frame molded into a woman’s likeness (a humanized image of the country). The image is colored pale gold, like in various media depictions.

To the right, the word ‘Ryanair’ is written in all capitalized letters, tilted to the right. The color is still dark blue, but now much paler. The font is overall a sans-serif, but it has several artistic depictions that make it very unlike the usual typographic fonts. The characters are overall clean and elegant.

2001 – 2013

Ryanair Logo 2001

The 2001 logo is a much simpler design. The colors are now a lot brighter: a regular blue rectangle with striking yellow letters inside. The letters slightly tilted, capitalized and use a noticeably rounded sans-serif style. They are also further apart from one another compared to the previous version.

2013 – today

Ryanair Logo

The 2013 design reintroduces many of the similar elements from the 1987 logotype. The harp bit is much smaller, but is overall identical (except for the much brighter yellow coloring). The wordmark to the right, however, uses a much simpler font with upright letters. They are still capitalized, but the font is just a regular typographic variety. The coloring isn’t as pale, but it’s still pale enough.


Ryanair Emblem

Ryanair used a plethora of different fonts throughout the years. The most recent variety introduced in 2013 is a very simple typographic sans serif with fully upright characters. They are bold, linear and rather wide.


Ryanair has largely used the Irish national colors throughout the years, except for the initial logo design. It doesn’t mean the mainstream green and orange, but the much older and culturally significant dark blue and yellow. Dark blue is typically used for the letters, whereas the yellow gold is used for the harp emblem.