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All Nippon Airways (ANA) is Japan’s most significant air transferring company, operating both domestic and international flights. As a proud member of the Star Alliance, ANA maintains a diverse fleet of aircraft. ANA prioritizes passenger satisfaction at every step. Moreover, the airline has made significant strides in championing environmental sustainability, demonstrating its dedication to a greener future.

Meaning and History

All Nippon Airways Logo history

All Nippon Airways’ history spans several decades, originating on December 27, 1952, when it was established as Japan Helicopter and Aeroplane Transports Co. Ltd., specializing in air transportation services. In 1957, the company changed its name and emerged as All Nippon Airways.

Expanding its horizons internationally, ANA started its global operations in 1986 with flights to Guam. Eventually, it extended its routes to encompass diverse destinations across Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.

In a landmark achievement during the same year, ANA secured its place in history by becoming the first airline worldwide to introduce the groundbreaking Boeing 747-400 aircraft, widely acclaimed for its cutting-edge features and fuel efficiency. Moreover, ANA played a pivotal role in the development of the revolutionary Boeing 787 Dreamliner, serving as its launch customer in 2011.

Recent times have witnessed ANA’s unwavering focus on enhancing the customer experience and expanding its global footprint. The airline has garnered numerous awards in recognition of its exceptional service, in-flight amenities, and overall passenger satisfaction.

What is All Nippon Airways?
All Nippon Airways is a huge airline from Japan, a member of the Star Alliance. It serves as a national flag carrier for its country and flies both domestically and globally with 255 vehicles in its reserves.

1958 – 1982

All Nippon Airways Logo 1958

Their initial logotype had been used from the foundation until the time the company became international. It depicted a circular badge, split into two parts: the big central part and the frame. The latter featured the name; the center was red and displayed a black & white aero transport with wings at the bottom and two circular mechanisms to lift it.

1982 – 1986

All Nippon Airways Logo 1982

When the company went international, it changed its logotype to a depersonalized one. The new iteration featured a blue & dark blue rectangle, where a white acronym ‘ANA’ found its place in all caps without serifs.

1986 – today

All Nippon Airways Logo

Later, a rectangular background was replaced with a small parallelogram of the same coloring. It was placed to the right of the nameplate, which retained its typeface but adopted a new coloring.


All Nippon Airways Symbol

The official color code of All Nippon Airways represents its values, which circle security and reliability. It includes light & dark blue hues plus white for the name.


All Nippon Airways Emblem

The name is executed in a serif-free typeface with angular and slightly inclined letterforms. Both characters ‘A’ have a small gap in the place where the horizontal and left diagonal bars are supposed to meet. Additionally, the character ‘N’ has a thickened diagonal bar, which adds to seriousity.