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Blue Origin is Jeff Bezos’ private aerospace company, founded in 2000. The main mission of the project is to send people to live and work in space. Since 2016, the entrepreneur has sponsored Blue Origin himself, investing $1 billion in it annually.

What is the essential idea of the project Blue Origin?
The company presented a production prototype of the NASA vessel in August 2020. The prototype should help to compare the design and functions with those of competitors. During the presentation, Bezos noted that once the mankind will have to leave Earth. One of the reasons to leave Earth is the lack of energy in the future. And if humanity wants to develop, and not stand still, it will have to move into space.

Meaning and History

Blue Origin Logo history

The Blue Origin logo is an image of a blue or black feather and the company name. What does the Blue Origin logo with a feather mean? In one of his interviews, Jeff Bezos says that there is a simple idea behind the logo, it’s just a symbol of flight perfection. For thousands of years, people have looked at birds and wondered what it would be like to fly. According to Bezos, it embodies freedom, research, mobility and progress. For people who are in love with flying, there is no substitute. Blue Origin employees can sometimes be seen wearing silver pins with a feather on their lapels (of course, in space!)

2000 – 2004

Blue Origin Logo 2000

2004 – 2007

Blue Origin Logo 2004

2007 – 2015

Blue Origin Logo 2007

2015 – now

Blue Origin logo

Font and Color

The main color of the logo is saturated blue. The color was not chosen by chance. It is directly related to the name of the project. Moreover, the company’s name refers to the blue planet Earth as the point of origin. Initially focused on suborbital spaceflight, the project worked out, built and conducted several test benches of its new Shepard vehicle at its sites in Culberson County, Texas. All of them are designed to fly in order to leave the Earth as the cradle of humanity.

Blue symbolizes trust and maturity, and a company with a logo in blue shades is be taken seriously. In addition, this coloring is associated with stability and security.