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Repretel offers its viewers a wide range of programs: news, sports, entertainment, and much more. The company also broadcasts live events such as concerts, festivals, and other special programs. The company also produces original content: interviews with famous figures in politics, science, and culture, special reports on current events, debates between experts, programs on education, music videos, comedy sketches, cooking shows, and much more. All these materials are aimed at popularizing knowledge among all viewers and at the same time entertaining them.

Meaning and History

Repretel Logo history

This recognized media company appeared in 1993 thanks to an entrepreneur Remigio Angel Gonzalez as a direct competitor to another local business called Teletica. Canal 11 Repretel is a public television station owned by Repretel since 1996. It was the first station owned and operated by the Repretel group in Costa Rica. It has become one of the most popular channels in the country due to the variety of content it offers, targeting people of all ages. Canal 2 CDR was founded in 2000 and has since become one of the most popular television channels in the country. Its programs are based on voice-overs and music from the radio stations that are part of the Central de Radios. The company owns several other channels as well as radio stations. It is currently owned by Albavisión.

What is Repretel?
Repretel is a notable Costa Rican television broadcasting enterprise. It offers a wide range of programs. In addition to its own programs, Repretel broadcasts films, TV series, documentaries, talk shows, sporting events, news, and much more, both local and foreign. The company also has several radio stations.

1993 – 2007

Repretel Logo 1993

For almost fifteen years, the company used a very simple, yet professional logo that simply stated the name. It was printed using a dark blue color with a tint of gray that created an image of a trustworthy and strong company. The designers used an italicized font and added rounded serifs, which created a welcoming feel. all the letters were capitalized and closely spaced apart, further strengthening the image of a reliable entity. It is the simplicity of the logo and calm color choice that allowed the company to use the same logo for many years without having it look outdated.

2007 – Today

Repretel Logo

Some bright notes were added in 2007. This allowed the channel to not get lost among colorful and vibrant backdrops and stand out among its competitors. The name was now accompanied by a bright pattern above it and a slogan underneath. The latter translates as “Par of Your Life”, stressing the role of this media company in the daily lives of the country residents. As for the pattern, it consisted of three overlapping circles. The top one was a maroon red, with light green and orange placed underneath it. These vibrant colors reflected the diversity of the programs and simply attracted more attention. Meanwhile, the circles can be interpreted as a united community.

Font and Color

Repretel Emblem

The original version features an italicized serif font that looks like Souvenir Demi Italic or a similar font. Later, the company moved to a more reserved, san-serif font choice. It closely resembles Tahoma Bold or Verdana Bold fonts. In both cases, the designers used all caps.

For the inscriptions, the company always chose a blue color. Initially, it was darker and had a grayish undertone. Later, the company chose a more vivid shade that looked good next to the bright green, yellow with an orange tint, as well as muted red color featured in the same logo. Red and blue are national colors. At the same time, they look powerful and professional. The blue hints at the reliability, stability, and trustworthiness of the media company. The other two colors can be seen in the country’s symbol.