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Brazzers is a popular Canadian company that includes the film website and a studio that creates such films. It was created in 2005, and quickly became one of the most prominent suppliers of erotic material online. The website hosts both videos filmed by Brazzers and various other content from third parties. Their chief principle seems to be the quality of their content.

Meaning and History

Brazzers Logo history

The company was launched in 2005 by several Montreal-based entrepreneurs of Arab descent. The name is the Arab-pronounced take on the word ‘Brothers’, but it’s unclear why this word was chosen of all things. In 2010, the company was sold to MindGeek, a vast European conglomerate that specializes in erotic and widely entertainment products. They own Brazzers, PornHub and other popular websites.

What is Brazzers?
Brazzers is one of the biggest film websites in the world, as well as a studio that creates such movies. It was launched in 2005 and now receives over 1,500,000 unique daily visitors, making it one of the most popular erotic providers worldwide.

2007 – 2008

Brazzers Logo 2007

The original logo was essentially a name plaque. It acted like one and even looked like one. It’s a long rectangle, a little inflated near the center and rounded at the corners. They’ve mostly given it a metallic look, with four screws at the corners to make it actually resemble a nameplate. It’s mostly grey, but large portions of it are colored black to create a double-Z pattern in the middle using the negative space.

They’ve also put the name of the company itself inside this plate, using bold, capitalized sans-serif letters. They are largely colored metallic grey, except for the letters ‘Z’ in the middle, which are placed in front of the similar pattern arranged at the background. They also have a bright golden color to stand out. The words ‘’ are written in a darker grey along the top and bottom of the emblem and the piece ‘.com’ is also beneath the last character in the name.

2008 – 2009

Brazzers Logo 2008

This design is very slightly different from the previous one. They’ve essentially removed everything except the name of the brand itself, written in exactly the same form. That also includes the little ‘.com’ piece at the end.

2009 – 2012

Brazzers Logo 2009

That’s when the design of their logo took a huge leap to its current form. They used the same wordmark as before, but removed the ‘.com’ bit. The appearance, proportions and style of the letters remained largely the same. They did, however, add the plaque on which this text was written. It was basically a plain black rectangle with a metallic frame, both rounded at the corners. There’s also a visible lighting effects to this logo, with excessive patches of light, shading and other elements that give this emblem more depth.

2012 – 2020

Brazzers Logo 2012

The following emblem is once more just the letters, and they are written in a very similar way to the previous version. These characters use the same style, and the colors are similar. The only real difference is the gradient, which goes from pale at the top to dark at the bottoms. The colors, meanwhile, are largely as they were: grey on everything, except the Zs. They don’t have the outlines, and there’s nothing else on the logo.

2020 – today

Brazzers Logo

In 2020, they’ve ditched the gradient and the color grey. Now, every character is black, except for the usual letters ‘Z’, which retain the old golden look. It made the logo more professional and simple. Moreover, they now fit the website’s iconic color palette, which is black and yellow.


Brazzers Symbol

The Brazzers font changed little since the original logotype. It remained a collection of bold, capital letters of a unique sans-serif font. This font used sleek, smooth characters. They strived for balanced proportions and straight lines, but had plenty of rounded spots, as well as a good degree of professionalism.


Brazzers Emblem

The main two colors associated with the Brazzers brand are black and yellow (golden). These don’t have any deeper meaning, but were nonetheless present on the logo and wider branding since the very early years. Grey was also present for many years, but it was often a dark shade treated as a subset of black.