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PNGWing is a hub for a broad collection of free PNG pictures served in high quality. The website appeals to various design needs, from small icons to logotypes and object pictures. Everyone can download the picture and use it in their own design projects, websites and digital drawings.

Meaning and History

The website appeared in 2016 as a small project for designers. It has eventually grown up into one of the largest websites for PNG pictures, hosting over 5 million no-charge, high-resolution files, including photos, vectors, artist works, icons, etc. Plus, PNGWing has an intuitive interface, decent search filters, and inbuilt image modification tools. Turns out, it’s a valuable destination for professionals in the design industry.

What is PNGWing?
PNGWing is a website that offers a big collection of high-quality files in the PNG format, including vectors, photos, etc. No charge is required to use these pictures. One can customize them using the on-site tools and download to wherever needed.

2016 – today

PNGWing Logo

The brand’s logotype is a bold, modern creation that instantly captures attention with its sleek design and gentle lines. The word ‘PNGWING’ features a dark blue coloring creating a visual separation that highlights the brand among competitors. The spacing between the letters is tight, adding to the logotype’s integrity.


The typeface conveys a sense of straightforwardness and professionalism with its uppercase sans-serif style. The two stylized characters ‘E’ look dynamic in both side wings, hinting at the brand’s commitment to speed, freedom, and elevation in its service or product offerings.


The simplicity of the color scheme—a monochromatic palette—ensures that the logo is versatile and can be used across various contexts, whether digital or print, without losing its impact.