Placeit is a reliable online generator of layouts, videos, and design templates. It enables users to create all their digital branding and marketing materials simply from the browser, without the need for complex software. For example, you can download a photo of your company’s website. The image is automatically positioned in the desired angle on a template and a photograph is obtained where the website homepage is displayed on the monitor screen. The finished version can be downloaded to your computer. Placeit brings everything into one place, from video slideshows, social media images, Instagram videos, and thousands of layout templates that can help you build a successful e-commerce brand.

Meaning and History

Founded in 2012, Placeit now partners with Evanto, the world’s largest creative marketplace. It was developed to be a platform that provides design specialization along with branding and marketing tools. The platform offers a free account along with monthly or annual subscription plans. The latter opens up more templates and the ability to download higher-quality results among other things.

What is Placeit?
This is a powerful mockup generator from Envato. Placeit library contains more than 30 thousand objects and video templates for uploading user photos. Using this service, one can create original slides for presentations and advertising among many other products that are limited only by imagination (and a large library).

2012 – Today

Placeit Logo

The platform had a minimalistic and modern logo created for it back in 2012. It consists of the name printed using a bold font with sharp, pointed stroke ends and straight cuts in other places. These elements added a stylish touch and reflected advanced technologies incorporated into the platform. To add a little more interest, the “it” portion was not made bold. The designers also added a second line that specified the company that developed the product. It gave the product more recognition and reflected that it was being presented by a trusted company.

Font and Color

Placeit Emblem

The first half of the name is printed using a bold font that resembles FS Lola Bold Italic and FS Lola Italic for the “It” portion of the name. The name of the company that created the platform is printed using a different sans-serif font that looks like a modified version of Gotham Rounded ScreenSmart Book font as the letter “t” has the horizontal bar erased to the left of the vertical line.

When it comes to the color palette, the company went for a sophisticated, powerful, and classic choice –black. There is also a splash of light green, which adds a touch of freshness and has multiple positive associations with it. It can symbolize growth, safety, progress, balance, stability, and good luck.