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Unlike other streaming services, Peacock focuses not only on TV series and movies, but also on late-night shows, news, sports, and reality TV. It has its own original series and films released exclusively on the platform. Peacock Free includes thousands of hours of content, including full seasons of classic NBC series, Universal movies, and late-night shows like SNL and Family Movie Night. Paid subscribers get access to live sports and early access to late-night talk shows. Peacock is available on Apple and Android devices, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Smart TVs.

Meaning and History

The Peacock streaming service from NBCUniversal launched in the summer of 2020. It accommodated more than 15 thousand hours of content, as well as news and sports broadcasts, and crossed the 50 million user mark in the first six months. With the help of Peacock, the company wants to attract viewers to cable television. Later, Universal and Peacock (both owned by Comcast) announced an exclusive agreement that would send all new films from the top studio to Peacock starting in 2022, instead of current partner HBO Max.

What is Peacock?
This is an American streaming service owned by NBC. The platform features films, TV series, and programs from channels and companies CNBC, Fox, Warner Bros., Blumhouse, ABC, CBS, Paramount, Lionsgate, and others, as well as its own original content. One can use the service for free (with ads) or by subscription.

2020 – Today

Peacock Logo

The logo of the service combines a more serious and elegant inscription with a bright, colorful embellishment on the right. The name is done in black and features all lowercase characters with a combination of straight and diagonal cuts. Most of the letters have a round shape, which gives the inscription a touch of perfection and order. At the same time, the first and last letters are quite unique and contrast each other. The first one has a smooth, rounded line, while the second has a geometric appearance. To the right, the logo has a line formed from multicolored circles that are ordered in a rainbow pattern. This element is likely added to show that users will find something for every taste and preference on Peacock.

Font and Color

Peacock Emblem

The company went for a classy and serious font choice that featured straight, clean lines and cuts. It is a custom font that has the name of the service – Peacock Sans. There are other fonts that are pretty close, including Monotype Harmonia Sans Bold and Montreal Serial Bold.

Although the main color here is black, which gives the logo a strong and sophisticated appearance, one can also see the whole rainbow. It was a perfect hint that the service has not only classics, but also a great variety of other movies, series, and shows. In addition, these bright colors surely attracted the attention of the viewer and made the logo recognizable and memorable.