Overwatch is a worldwide known multiplayer FPS game, developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016. It’s characterized by engaging gameplay, which settles two teams of 5 unique characters against each other in short matches. There are dozens of in-game characters that have abilities that may or may not align with those of other characters. The matches take place on thought-out maps, all designed in a futuristic setting. There’s also Part 2, with more features and characters.

Meaning and History

The name derives from the in-game international task force that controls the characters with its watchful eye, monitors the world threats, and tries to prevent the world divided by the war from new conflicts. The personages are often recognized as humanity heroes and guardians in the game’s lore, which is presented with the merchandise, short animated movies, and in the game.

The game’s development has begun in 2013. The main goal was in creating a brand-new first-person shooter able to compete with contemporary giants – Destiny, Team Fortress 2, and others. As the process went on, the game got adjustments: more characters and their abilities, maps, lore details, mechanics, and overall design. The game was influenced by Valve’s Team Fortress 2.

Following the announcement at Blizzcon 2014, the game entered the close beta period in 2015, letting users test the game and share feedback. The final iteration of the product was released in 2016, on Xbox One, PS 4, and PC. In the years to come, they made numerous game updates, adding new character skins and maps, changing abilities, and deepening the lore.

Part 2 was announced at Blizzcon 2019 and released in 2022. It is a highly modified version of the original game, with new maps, mechanics, and characters. The most considerable modification is the PVE mode, where players cooperate in narrative-driven missions, fighting against AI-controlled enemies. Unlike the first game, Overwatch 2 is free-to-play.

Now, Blizzard continues to modify both the original and the new Overwatch, making adjustments to the in-game balance and adding new skins and events. Notably, the game remains true to the original visual identity, introduced at Blizzcon 2014.

What is Overwatch?
Overwatch is a first-person shooter videogame, introduced by Blizzard in 2016. It sets the users to unite into two teams of 5 characters against each other. The characters have unique abilities, weapons, stories, and appearance customization. The matches take place on numerous futuristic maps.

2014 – today

Overwatch Logo

The game’s logotype consists of a ring and a name inscription, sometimes put to its right, sometimes under it.

The ring consists of two parts: the upper fragment, colored orange, and the rest, colored white. Two diagonal bars with extended tips are coming out of inside the ring, forming something between the inverted ‘Y’ and ‘v’ (but there’s a gap where these bars meet).

The name caption goes in an uppercase bold typeface executed in angular lines.


Overwatch Emblem

The logotype uses a white and orange color code – a vibrant combination, giving a feeling of hope, security, and freedom. Sometimes, the logo goes in a metal gray and orange coloring, which is a more serious and gloomy one. If the logo stands on a white backdrop, white turns into black.


Overwatch Symbol

The name’s thick uppercase script shows blocky letters with clear edges and tiny inter-letter spaces. Sometimes, the inscription goes alone with no emblem. The first ‘o’, looking almost like a square, has a small cut at the lower left corner; the character ‘A’ has no central bar, while its top is flat; the ‘E’ has its upper left corner cut off to fit the previous ‘v’; the similar happened with the letter ‘c’.