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At Oliver Wyman, the consultants help the clients to come up with optimal solutions to their issues. For example, they might work on a cost optimization strategy for a company. Consultants are typically assigned the same roles in the projects. Although it limits their ability to learn other areas, such a strategy allows the consultants to become true experts in their specific niche. Nonetheless, the workers say that there is enough diversity to keep them interested and have a chance to grow. There are also opportunities to work across different industries, travel the world, and acquire additional education.

Meaning and History

Alex Oliver and Bill Wyman, two former partners of Booz Allen Hamilton, created the organization in New York in 1984. In 2007, three consulting companies – Mercer Oliver Wyman, Mercer Management Consulting, and Mercer Delta Organizational Consulting – united under one brand – Oliver Wyman. This allowed it to become a world leader in consulting. The company has offices in more than 70 cities in 30 countries. The organization’s expertise in healthcare, technology, and financial services is especially well-regarded. In addition, Oliver Wyman is engaged in research work, publishing books, its own periodicals, research reports, and articles in the specialized press. Oliver Wyman is part of the Oliver Wyman Group, which in turn is a business unit of Marsh & McLennan.

What is Oliver Wyman?
Oliver Wyman is a globally renowned consulting company that serves both private and public sectors, which means that it has a strong influence on the direction the industries and societies go. Its goal is to deliver the best solutions to its clients’ complex problems. It specializes in the field of management, including strategic management, risk management, etc.

1984 – Today

Oliver Wyman Logo

The logo features “Oliver Wyman printed using a simple, sans-serif font with the first letters being capitalized. The enterprise used the same font for this consulting business as for its own logo. To further enhance a cohesive look across all the businesses brought together under the Marsh & McLennan name, they turned to the same color palette. The navy blue color of the logo inspires trust and reflects the stability of the enterprise. There is one more element that the business shares with the enterprise, which is an infinity symbol. It is placed to the left of the name and has a bold, sharp appearance. According to Marsh & McLennan, the symbol communicates the cohesiveness of a corporation and the limitless opportunities that it provides for its customers, employees, and organization.

Font and Color

Oliver Wyman Emblem

The designers used the same sans-serif font across all Marsh & McLennan logos. It closely resembles FF Neuwelt Text Bold and FF Neuwelt Text Bold fonts. The clean strokes and easy-to-read characters create an image of a trustworthy company that does its work well and creates straightforward plans for its clients to improve their activities.

The company went for a solid navy blue for the whole logo. Despite cultural differences between countries, the color blue is mostly associated with positive emotions. Research has shown that the color blue enhances alertness and improves performance in activities that require attention. It also helps with creative tasks. This color has no bottom, it never ends, drawing you into itself, which makes it a perfect choice for the infinity symbol. Blue color represents dependability, perseverance, devotion, dedication, seriousness, and rigor. The dark blue color is considered businesslike, professional, and authoritative.