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Nutella paste was invented by the unique fantasy of Pietro Ferrero. It was he who invented a special brand.

Ferrero’s long journey began in the 1940s, at the height of World War II. Pietro and his wife, Pirre, from the Piedmontese city of Alba, managed to create a production that changed their lives in a few years from a small cafe-confectionery on Maestra Street.

In 1949, Pietro Ferrero died, and the family business passed to his son Michele Ferrero, who later turned his parents’ small confectionery factory into a “chocolate powerhouse”.

What is an original fact about Nutella?
Nutella topped the Forbes magazine’s 2007 ranking of 10 simple ideas that brought billions to their creators.
In January 2014, the Italian Post dedicated one of this year’s stamps to the fiftieth anniversary of Nutella. The stamp was created on May 14, 2014.

Meaning and History

Nutella Logo history

In total, the Ferrero brand had 3 logos. In 1964, a new official brand logo was created, which has been preserved to this day. In the same year, the famous Nutella chocolate paste was created, which acquired its own logo.

Michele Ferrero’s extraordinary thinking allowed him to create a treat unique in its kind to this day, which won the hearts of children and adults. The pastry chef experimented with ingredients and consistency for many years and, in the end, created Nutella (from the English word “nut”), which instantly became famous in Italy, and subsequently throughout the world.

In 1965, Nutella began to be produced in a new glass jar, which is now recognizable all over the world. The Nutella logo on the jar is the name of the delicacy, written with a lowercase letter. The name is written in a specially designed font. The first letter is black, the rest are red.

1951 – 1964

Nutella Logo 1951

1964 – 1970

Nutella Logo 1964

1970 – now

Nutella Logo

Font and Color

For a long time, the logo had 2 colors: black and red. This continued until 2020.

The Swedish electronic publication Rosa patrioter, specializing in the support and education of leftist views and multiculturalism among young people, on behalf of the entire editorial board, filed claims against the Italian company Ferrero SpA, which produces the world-famous Nutella chocolate paste, and called for a boycott of these products throughout Sweden and the EU.

The reason for the claim was the offensive color palette of the chocolate paste logo, on which all the letters except “N” are colored red, and the initial letter itself is black. The publication called this stylistic decision “racism” and a “hint” of the racist name of representatives of African Americans. The publishing company`s employees demanded that the company urgently rebrand the product, threatening otherwise to file a lawsuit with the ECHR.

Representatives of the Italian company responded to the criticism and admitted their mistake. As a result, the entire logo turned red. The meaning of red: it has a powerful stimulating power. It stimulates the brain and improves mood. It evokes associations with something warm, tasty, spicy.

In addition, red stimulates appetite, causes a strong desire (in this case, to eat) and pushes to buy. Due to the high intensity, the red logo leaves almost no time for buyers to think and chances to leave empty-handed.