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NumberBlocks are not simple cartoons. It consists of a small number of episodes, but the characters that kids love more with each series teach them basic math knowledge as they have one adventure after another. Each NumberBlocks number is a separate character (there are more than a hundred of them) and each of them has its own color, personality, and shape. The fun characters help little ones learn numbers, learn to count, add and subtract, divide and multiply, and develop problem-solving skills.

Meaning and History

This fun and appreciated TV series appeared thanks to Blue-Zoo Productions and Alphablocks LTD. Joe Elliot is the mastermind behind this whole project. He started working on it back at the end of 2016. At the beginning of the next year, the world aw the first series. The company also expanded its business by supplementing the TV series with learning resources that children can touch and reinforce the lessons they have learned. For younger kids, parents can get a stuffed toy of their favorite character. There is even a mobile game created based on the series. The project turned out very successful and earned multiple rewards.

What is NumberBlocks?
NumberBlocks is a new American animated series that has captured the hearts of children around the world. As the name hints, the TV series is mainly focused on teaching young kids the mathematical basics. Starting from shapes and counting to ten, the kids have a chance to obtain valuable knowledge in a playful and fun manner.

2017 – Today

NumberBlocks Logo

The designers did a perfect job creating an image that would be appealing to the young audience. They mainly achieved it by adding light and bright colors, making each letter of the first word a different color. The colors created a rainbow and the inscription was even arched to remind of it. In addition, it created a feeling of movement, which most kids enjoy. The second part of the name had blue toy cubes with white letters on them. A square character of a dark red color with a single eye and spread-out arms gives the emblem another fun and playful touch. It is the main character of the series and represents the number “1”. There is surely the right balance of playfulness and hint at the educational part of each series on watches on NumberBlocks.

Font and Color

NumberBlocks Emblem

Although it is hard to tell which font exactly the designers have used, there are several surprisingly similar matches. These include Kiro Extra Bold font and Gotham Font Family designed by Jonathan Hoefler & Co.

The logo features a rainbow of colors. Such a fun and multi-colored palette was chosen for a reason. After all, bright colors not only attract the attention of the little ones but also stay in their memory for longer. It also reflected the entertaining nature of the TV series, while other logo elements signify its educational purpose.