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Nordstrom, Inc. leads the way in a luxury department store chain in the United States, dealing with high-quality clothing, accessories, and personal service. Founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin, this was a shoe store in Seattle that later developed into a fashion specialty retailer across the nation.

Meaning and History

Nordstrom Logo history

Nordstrom was stamped with the origin of the American Dream: it was founded by a Swedish immigrant, John W. Nordstrom, and built from money made during the Klondike Gold Rush. This was a humble beginning that set the base for what was going to be a distinguished name in American Retail. Over the years, Nordstrom has been a place of distinction with pride in great customer service and product offering.

All this was achieved with due care and, as Nordstrom expanded to a range that includes clothes, accessories, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, and fragrances. It allowed Nordstrom to develop a core of loyal customers and a footprint from coast to coast across the United States.

It also led to innovation in retail, being one of the first companies in online shopping and developing a way that makes its online presence appealing and effective. This balance of tradition and innovation has helped Nordstrom survive and stay relevant amid today’s ever-changing retail environment. The Nordstrom family has always been involved in the management and control of their corporation and continues to do so today.

This has been one contributing factor in the maintenance of continuity of the core values of quality, service, and integrity. Nordstrom’s commitment to service and excellence does not just lie in its products and customer care but is also reflected in its liberal employment policies and community relations. Notably, the company attracts ever-growing clientele for quality fashion and service through traditional Anniversary Sale and Nordstrom Rack outlet stores. Nordstrom’s continued success and name represent its flexibility in changing with market fads and adhering to the principles that have guided it for over a century.

What is Nordstrom?
Nordstrom, Inc. is one of the most significant names in the retail store industry in the United States. It offers upscale fashion merchandise and accessories. The company was founded at the dawn of the 20th century by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin, beginning as a little shoe store in Seattle. From its humble beginning, Nordstrom has grown to a national chain with thousands of stores that define luxury shopping and set new standards within the retailing industry.

1901 – 1967

Nordstrom Logo 1901

The original Nordstrom logo features a hefty font without serifs, capturing the reliable yet creative nature of the company’s early retail service. ‘NORDSTROM’S’ is featured in jumpy caps with sharp corners and edges. The possessive ‘S’ suggests a family-owned business, accentuating the brand’s roots.

1967 – 1973

Nordstrom Logo 1967

In these years, the logo has changed its style. ‘Nordstrom Best’ is mainly featured in lowercase, though the first characters of each word are capitals. The word ‘Nordstrom’ in a sans-serif font suggests refinement, and ‘Best’ in the same font adds a contemporary, approachable feel. This combination implies a balance of tradition with the forward-thinking mindset of the company.

1973 – 1991

Nordstrom Logo 1973

For this period, the logo simplifies to ‘nordstrom’ in a lower case, sans-serif font that is clean and contemporary. The uniformity of the typeface reflects a modern, egalitarian approach to retail, emphasizing accessibility and a more casual, yet sophisticated, shopping atmosphere.

1991 – 2019

Nordstrom Logo 1991

The brand’s name returns to all uppercase characters in this iteration, with ‘NORDSTROM’ showcasing a thin sans-serif font that exudes elegance and quiet authority. This choice communicates strength and presence in the retail market, underlining the brand’s growth and authority as a leader in fashion and customer service.

2019 – today

Nordstrom Logo

The most recent logo retains the all-caps font but refines it to a bolder version. The current iteration exudes a minimalist and chic quality, signaling Nordstrom’s place in the contemporary retail landscape as a trusted provider of high-quality goods and services. The design’s simplicity speaks to the brand’s confidence and understated elegance.


Nordstrom Symbol

The Nordstrom logo has gone through various typographic styles, reflecting its evolving brand identity. Initially, a playful sans-serif font with all-capital letters conveyed a sense of the brand’s creativity, emphasizing the store’s foundation and trustworthiness. This shifted in the 1960s to a mix of extra thin serifs for ‘Nordstrom’ and no serifs for ‘Best,’ suggesting a blend of classic and modern values.

In the 1970s, the brand opted for a softer, approachable image with a lowercase font with all characters based on a square figure. As it moved into the 1990s, the font became uppercase again, projecting confidence and prominence. The latest logo, while using the same font, features heavier lines, embodying modern simplicity and a focus on a clean, upscale aesthetic.


Nordstrom Emblem

The Nordstrom logos primarily use a monochromatic scheme. The earliest logos appear in black, a choice that projects classic professionalism and timeless quality. The consistency of this color use throughout the decades establishes and maintains a strong brand recognition. Black, being versatile and easily readable across various media, reflects the brand’s adaptability and enduring elegance. It is the singular use of this color that often allows Nordstrom’s visual identity to stand out in its simplicity and sophistication.