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Online reputation management (ORM) is a strategy for building a positive brand image in the online environment. By actively managing your reputation, you can minimize the number of negative customer reviews and build a positive company image. One of the most popular online tools created for this purpose is NetReputation.

Meaning and history

When a user searches for information about a company or products on the Internet, he or she studies the corporate website, company news, and customer reviews. Suppliers do the same when choosing a partner and potential employees.

What content about a company or product users see online is what reputation management is all about.

ORM (Online Reputation Management) is important for businesses for one simple reason – it helps build two-way communication.

Today, there are quite a few companies on the online market engaged in creating a positive online reputation, but not all of them have achieved such heights as NetReputation, an American company founded in 2014.

NetReputation offers and delivers a 360-degree solution to improve, build, and rebuild your online reputation. This means they go far beyond responding to reviews and social media conversations. This software helps you suppress negative content in search results, creating content and making your brand more visible on any number of channels.

NetReputation scours the web for content related to your company. They look for results related to your brand name and keywords, social media discussions, influencers, and tag analysis, and then compare your current reputation and online standing to that of your competitors. After that, they get to work. Taking this initial analysis, they use it to build a comprehensive, long-term strategy for building your online reputation.

What is NetReputation?
NetReputation is one of the best online services for creating a complete online presence for your company. The entity was established in the United States in 2014, and today operates worldwide through its online platform but is based in Florida.

In terms of visual identity, NetReputation is a very strict and restrained company, which prefers to emphasize the professional side of its business, not the trendiness or progressiveness. The logo looks stable and reliable.

2014 – Today

NetReputation Logo

The NetReputation logo was designed in the middle of the 2010s and hasn’t had any major redesigns. It is composed of the main logotype, a lightweight tagline, and a graphical element, depicting a man in glasses and a suit with a tie, placed on the left of the lettering. Both the emblem and the inscription are executed in a dark-grey and light-green color palette and are located on a plain white background.

The logotype is set in a bold title case sans-serif typeface, with the name of the platform set in gray, and the “.com” — in green. As for the “Expert Reputation Management” tagline, it is written in all-caps in a lightweight sans-serif font; with just gray lines.

The green part of the logotype is supported by the green tie of the man, drawn on an emblem.

Font and color

NetReputation Emblem

The inscription on the primary logo of the NetReputation company is set in two sans-serif fonts. For the upper line, the designers have chosen a bold type, which looks very close to such fonts as Uniform Black or Ridley Grotesk Extra Bold. As for the tagline, it is set in thinner lines and more geometric shapes, which makes it resemble the URW Grotesk Small Caps Light, but with the characters a bit expanded.

As for the color palette of the NetReputation visual identity, it is based on dark gray, light green, and white for the background. Gray is here as a symbol of professionalism, confidence, and security, while green adds a touch of success and growth, and the white background signifies transparency and trustworthiness.