The German company Mansory, headquartered in Brand, has been tuning luxury cars Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and others since 1989. The company was founded by Iranian Kourosh Mansory, who mastered the craft in Great Britain, and after moving to Germany opened his own atelier.

Meaning and History

Mansory is a German tuning studio, founded in 1989, that offers exclusive solutions for such brands as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Land Rover, BMW, and Ferrari. The atelier, founded by an Iranian and named in his honor, regularly from year to year prepares another portion of modified supercars, luxury sedans, and crossovers. Many of Mansory’s creations cause ambiguous reactions because the brand prefers bright and even shouting designs.

Mansory is not just a brand but a lifestyle that makes you change your attitude to the events going on around you. Luxury, available to a few, is multiplied by reference quality, which can be achieved only through experience and an inexorable desire to create masterpieces.

What is Mansory?
Mansory is a luxury automotive customization company known for its extravagant modifications and bespoke designs. They specialize in transforming high-end cars, such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris, into unique and highly personalized vehicles, both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

1989 – Today

Mansory Logo

Since 1989, the company has been using a logo, which consists of a text part and several graphic elements. The company name is written using a medium-weight serif typeface. The first and last letters of the name are slightly larger than the rest. On both sides of the name, there are “wings” made up of four horizontal stripes.

Emblem and symbol

Mansory Emblem

The cars produced by the company were characterized as the fastest of their time, and in order to emphasize this, a corresponding “winged” monochrome emblem was developed.