Bentley Cars Ltd. is an English car company. The founder of the legendary aristocratic car brand, formed in 1919, was Walter Owen Bentley. He developed his first car with a 3-liter “four” with F. Barges and G. Varley. Despite the high cost of the car, the firm immediately received a lot of orders.

Meaning and History

Bentley Logo

The owners of the brand have changed many times throughout the history of its existence. The essence of the car has also changed, but the winged letter “B” on the hood has remained unchanged.

The Bentley “Big B” emblem consists of wings, which signifies Bentley’s proud statement about the fact that the brand is the closest to having real ones. The wings in the logo also symbolize speed, power, and freedom. There is a circle between these two wings. Inside of it, the letter “B” is placed. It’s the first letter of the founder’s surname.

Despite all the difficulties, Bentley still remains a subsidiary of Rolls-Royce. Bentley kept its logo almost intact, but its appearance was very carefully thought out. The logo is authored by artist Gordon Crosby.

Emblem and Symbol

Bentley Emblem

The main colors of the Bentley logo are black, silver, and white. While white symbolizes charm and purity, black is a sign of the company’s excellence and elegance. And the silver color reflects the creativity and the high quality of Bentley products.

The winged sides are not symmetrical — the number of feathers on both sides is not the same. The number differs both among themselves, within the same logo, and between the versions of the car. In current models, there are usually ten feathers on one side and eleven feathers on the opposite. In cars of past years, the emblem was decorated mainly with thirteen and fourteen feathers. Although on some models, the logo still has symmetry — it is characterized by a ten of feathers.

But it’s worth mentioning, that the background of a modern company logo comes in different colors. It can be red, green, or black. It defines the vehicle class. For example, racing cars have a green background, the most powerful and prestigious cars have a black background, and red is an indicator of luxury and sophistication.

In early versions, the badge was more elongated, looked a little different than in modern ones. Even on the last, independent Bentley 8L model, he stood upright.

The Legends

The Bentley Continental GT is a luxury four-seater Grand Turismo car, produced since 2003 as a coupe and convertible in the English city of Crewe. The Continental GT marked a new era for the company — the car became the first representative of the brand’s new corporate identity. As for the Bentley Azure convertible, it was presented in 1995 in Geneva and immediately won the title of “Convertible of the Year” there. In 1999, another version of the Bentley Azure was introduced, called the Mulliner. She had only some external differences.