Malaysia Airlines Logo

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Malaysia Airlines, the flagman carrier of Malaysia, is a renowned airline offering both cargo and passenger services. Operating from its hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the company is known for providing comfortable aircraft, friendly and responsible staff, and safe flights.

Meaning and History

Malaysia Airlines Logo history

The Malaysia Airlines logo is significant and has a rich history, reflecting the company’s commitment to global connectivity, cultural exchange and economic ties. After various name changes, the company eventually adopted the Malaysia Airlines name in 1972.

The company’s origins can be traced back to 1937 when it was founded as Malayan Airways Limited, a joint venture between the Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool and Imperial Airways. Initially serving South Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, the company has expanded its fleet and global influence over time.

What is Malaysia Airways?
Malaysia Airlines is a famous airline based in Malaysia. It specializes in the aviation industry, providing cargo and passenger transportation around the world on high-end aircraft flown by well-trained crew members.

1972 – 1987

Malaysia Airlines Logo 1972

The 1972 logo featured the former name “Malaysian Airline System” with the abbreviation “MAS” highlighted in red. The full name appeared in smaller letters, and on the left was a minimalistic red bird symbol.

1987 – 2012

Malaysia Airlines Logo 1987

After rebranding as Malaysia Airlines, a new logo was introduced. He showed off the recognizable bird symbol along with a two-level text signature on the right side. The bird was depicted in red and blue, and the word “Malaysia” was written in lowercase blue letters with a hint of red. The word “Airways” appeared in smaller black letters.

2012 – 2013

Malaysia Airlines Logo 2012

The logo was redesigned in 2012. The Kelantan kite was depicted facing right and colored blue with gray gradients. The accompanying text, in dark blue, was printed in a more classic font compared to the 1980s edition. The updated lettering used bold and sans-serif italics with lowercase letters and straight tips.

2013 – today

Malaysia Airlines Logo

The current version of the Malaysia Airlines logo combines elements from previous versions. The 2012 signature was enlarged by increasing character spacing. The image shows blue and red kites located to the right of the inscription, tilted in the same direction.


Malaysia Airlines Symbol

The Malaysia Airlines logo is dominated by blue and red. Blue symbolizes the sky, flight, safety and reliability.


Malaysia Airlines Emblem

The company uses a bold sans-serif font that incorporates futuristic letterforms. Some corners are rounded while others remain straight.