Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Logo

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Life Insurance Corporation is the title of a state-owned organization in the Republic of India. Established in 1956 in Mumbai by the Legislature, it provides the services of financial insurance to people and families in case there’s a proven threat to their lives or welfare. There are several customer programs, including term ones, endowment insurance, whole-life programs, refundable plans, retirement plans, and unit-linked insurance plans.

Meaning and History

Founded in 1956, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) embarked on a remarkable journey that shaped the landscape of the Indian insurance industry. With a vision to bring financial protection and peace of mind to individuals and their loved ones, LIC quickly emerged as a trusted guardian of life’s uncertainties. Over the decades, it has become a beacon of security, lighting up countless lives with its robust insurance offerings.

From its inception, LIC embarked on a mission to democratize life insurance, extending its reach to the nooks and crannies of India. With an extensive network of branches and agents spanning the nation, LIC’s friendly faces and caring voices found their way into the hearts of millions. Their commitment to providing tailor-made insurance solutions resonated with people from all walks of life, making LIC synonymous with reliability and dependability.

As the years rolled on, LIC grew stronger, embracing innovation and adapting to changing times. It diversified its product portfolio, catering to the evolving needs of its diverse clientele. Whether it was protecting families with comprehensive term plans or assisting individuals in planning for their retirement through pension schemes, LIC stood tall as a pillar of financial stability and prudence.

Today, as LIC looks towards the future, it continues to lead the way with its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and societal well-being. It symbolizes the assurance of a brighter tomorrow, embracing progress while staying true to its core values. Like a trusted companion on life’s journey, LIC remains dedicated to safeguarding the dreams and aspirations of the people it serves, nurturing a secure and prosperous future for generations to come.

And now, as we delve deeper into LIC’s story, let’s unveil the essence of its identity—the very embodiment of its rich heritage and unwavering promise—its brand logo.

What is LIC?
LIC is an acronym for Life Insurance Corporation, a government-controlled organization that helps the citizens of India deal with life threats. It offers several types of insurance including term insurance, endowment, whole life, refundable plans, retirement, and unit-linked insurance plans. Founded in 1956, now the company carries 2000 branches and 8 regional offices.

1956 – today

Life Insurance Corporation Logo

The official logotype of Life Insurance Corporation displays a quadrangle and a rectangle, placed aside from each other.

On the dark blue square, the designers have placed a vertically oriented oval frame that has its side lines thickened. It contains two four-fingered palms that keep a small light. This composition, symbolizing protected hope or life, stands above the circled text in Hindu.

The yellow rectangle depicts the brand’s acronym, written in large uppercase characters without serifs. Below the two shapes, they wrote the full name caption in English and the version in Hindu below it.


Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Emblem

The Company has been using a three-color composition for many years. White, used for the flame, hands, oval, and text inside the square, depicts trustworthiness and purity; blue, which is utilized for the square, acronym, and name, represents openness and the company’s reliability; finally, the yellow rectangle features energy and passion throughout the company’s life course.


Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Symbol

The font used to write the company name both as an acronym and a full caption features quite a simple style. It has a title case sans-serif appearance with clean and straight lines of letters.